Grief & Loss

Summer 2015 Online


This course will be a challenge in a couple of ways. First of all there is a lot of work to do in a short period of time and second it will tap into your feelings and beliefs about grieving. With that knowledge about yourself and the expertise you gain about the cultures, age levels, and backgrounds of others it is my hope that you will be able to feel comfortable with your own feelings and those of others, and with that you will be better able to help others in difficult times.

My name is Anita Hermsmeier, I have a Master of Arts in Educational Counseling. Some of you know me as the Success Center Director at William Jessup University (WJU), which is my day job. My night job is as an Adjunct Professor for WJU. Teaching is one of my passions because it is through teaching that I learn, and I love knowledge.

I am well acquainted with many of the losses we will talk about in this course, as I am sure all of you are too. I have transitioned from one geographical area to another, and walked through many life changes. I have experienced the loss of love and loved ones, jobs and dreams, and health and well-being. I lost my father unexpectedly and sat with my mother as she died at home under Hospice care. Through all the trauma and heartbreak God has been ever faithful. He has walked beside me, remaining steady and loving even when I was not aware of Him. Having to face these life issues and learning to feel God’s presence has made my walk with God closer and love and understanding of people stronger, I pray that it does the same for you.

To get started, please download our course syllabus and read it thoroughly. Then tell us something about yourself in the Introductions Forum. After you’ve completed those two tasks, you should be ready to start Week 1!

I pray that this next seven weeks is a growing and learning experience for you. Remember; be gentle with yourself as you go through this course. Stay connected, focused and prayerful.


Anita Hermsmeier, MA

Adjunct Professor