Week 8: October 17 - 21

French I - Fall 2016

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Bienvenue à la Huitième Semaine!

Welcome to Week 8! We at NCVPS hope things are returning to normal for those affected by Hurricane Matthew. NCVPS teachers are aware that many students were out of school last week, and may still be facing obstacles in regards to completing their work. According to our pacing guide, assignments listed below are due this Friday, October 21. Teachers, however, will be flexible with students as they work to catch up if they are behind.

Traditional Block:

This week students will finish work in Unit 5: Les Couleurs. Students will continue working with adjectives to describe people and things, and will also learn the verb avoir and vocabulary for school supplies and classes. Assignments due this week include:

1. Les Couleurs, Writing 1F

2. Les Couleurs, Speaking 1F

3. Les Couleurs, Section 1 Quiz

4. Les Couleurs, Writing 2D

5. Les Couleurs, Section 2 Quiz

6. Les Couleurs, Writing 3A

7. Les Couleurs, Section 3, Quiz

8. Les Couleurs, Unit Exam

Year Long:

Having finished Unit 2: Le Jour et La Date, YL students will begin work in Unit 3: Le Temps this week. In this unit students will learn vocabulary and expressions for the weather and seasons as well as how to conjugate their first group of verbs: regular -ER verbs. Assignments due this week include:

1.Le Temps, Speaking 1C

2.Le Temps, Writing 1C

3. Le Temps, Writing 1D

4.Le Temps, Section 1 Quiz

5.Le Temps, TPR Quiz

A progress report is due on Tuesday, October 18. It will be available to schools on Thursday, October 20. Parents, please contact your child's school for information on progress report distribution.

Several students have reported issues accessing the textbook from the links posted in our courses. Please try these alternate textbook links:


Le Jour et La Date:

Le Temps:


Les Couleurs:
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As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend live sessions with the instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. The schedule for this week is:

* Monday, 10/17 @ 10am w/ Mme Anabela Mendes (Unit 3)
* Monday, 10/17 @ 12pm w/ Mme Elizabeth Lovelady-Alfonso (Unit 5)
* Tuesday, 10/18 @ 10am w/ Mme Ashley Padgett (Unit 5)
* Tuesday, 10/18 @ 12pm w/ Mme Mary Hansbrough (Unit 5)
* Wednesday, 10/19 @ 2pm w/ Mme Nicole Swanson (Unit 5)
* Wednesday, 10/19 @ 3pm w/ Mme Nicole Swanson (Unit 2)
* Wednesday, 10/19 @ 6pm w/ Jean McDaniel (Unit 5)

While the course calendars for year-long and early calendar students will not match those of traditional block students, year-long and early calendar students are still welcome at any session (and vise versa with traditional block students!) In addition to selecting a session by the schedule, note the material that will be presented to ensure that you are selecting the session that will be most beneficial to you! Students are also welcome to attend more than one session for extra practice! RLCs are located in a separate course in which students will need to self enroll. The link to self enroll is:


Upon entering the RLC course, students will access the RLC room by selecting "Collaborate Ultra" and then the link that says "French I Summer 2016." Students need to log in with both first and last name to ensure they receive credit for attendance. Those who phone in using the teleconference option need to identify themselves to the instructor presenting so their attendance is documented!

Vocabulary Retention

One of the keys to success in learning a foreign language is memorizing vocabulary, but with so much material to cover, it can be difficult. The article below suggests some great strategies to help students increase vocabulary retention:

Nos Couleurs Préférées

Sections 1 and 2 - Mme Claire Driscoll

"J'aime manger des citrons (lemons) et j'adore le soleil (the sun). J'adore regarder des canaris. Ma couleur préférée est .......... JAUNE (yellow)!"

Sections 3, 10 & 16 - Mme Lovelady-Alfonso

"J'aime regarder le ciel (the sky). J'adore la mer (the sea). Les Schtroumpfs (smurfs) make me laugh! Mon film préféré est Avatar et my favorite dining buddy est le monstre de biscuit! (Cookie Monster) Evidemment, ma couleur préférée est ....BLEU :-)"

Sections 4 & 11 - Mme Ashley Padgett

"J'aime manger les épinards (spinach) et les choux de Bruxelles (Brussels sprouts). J'adore regarder les feuilles (leaves) et l'herbe (grass) au printemps et les sapins de Noël (Christmas trees) en hiver. J'aime acheter les vêtements avec de l'argent (money) et mon héros d'enfance est une grenouille (frog) qui s'appelle Kermit......c'est vert (green) que j'adore!"

Section 5 - Mme Mary Hansbrough

"J'aime beaucoup les couleurs d'été, pas d'automne. J'aime les feuilles vertes (green leaves) et les fleurs multicolorées (multi-colored flowers). J'aime le ciel bleu (blue sky) et les nuages blanches (white clouds)."

Section 6 - Mme Jean McDaniel

"J'aime beaucoup les raisins (grapes) et l'aubergine (eggplant). J'aime sentir la lavande. Je plante souvent des tulipes violettes dans mon jardin. Mon héros de l'enfance était Barney...Oui! Ma couleur préférée c'est la couleur violette (ou pourpre)!"

Sections 8 & 14; YL Section 6 - Mme Nicole Swanson

"J'aime beaucoup les salades. J'adore aussi les fraises. Ma couleur favorite est rose. Ma fille, Lexi, aime beaucoup rose aussi."

Sections 9 & 15; YL Section 5 - Mme Karen Miller

"Ma couleur préférée se presente aux fêtes Noël (Christmas) et Le Jour de Saint Valentin (Valentine's Day). C'est la couleur de l'amour (love) et de la vie (life). C'est la couleur du coeur (heart) et la couleur du coucher du soleil (sunset). Je préfère la couleur ROUGE (red)!"

YL Sections 3 & 4 - Mme Anabela Mendes

"J'aimes les robes noires parce qu'elles sont très élégantes. J'aime le soleil: le soleil est jaune. Je n'aime pas le café; le café est marron. J'adore le chocolat; le chocolat est marron. J'aime ma maison; elle est grise."