The Myths of Mood Disorders

By Krista Conway

"Depression is just a feeling; you can snap out of it if you try hard enough."

After showing symptoms for two weeks, it it suggested to seek help with a professional health provider and it is not recommended to handle depression on your own.

"Depression only occurs when bad things happen."

Depression is proven to be hereditary, and often is inherited from the mother's side.

"Post Partum Depression is an excuse women use for being bad mothers."

Symptoms of Post Partum Depression include the constant worry over the baby and it's safety.

"There's nothing you can do to treat depression."

Depression can be treated by balancing serotonin levels by using antidepressant medications such as Prozac, Zoloft, and others, which are designed to boost serotonin levels and lift depression.

"There are no outward signs of depression."

People suffering from depression can be seen to show a lack of interest in almost all activities most of the day. Also significant weight loss or weight gain can be signs of depression.

"Having Mania is fun."

Mania often ends in some form of self destruction, this can include ending up in debt from over spending or the chance of loosing your job or marriage.

"Antidepressants and Lithium can help anybody with a mood disorder."

Lithium does not always work for everyone, however is very effective in patients that it does work for. Also, certain antidepressants such as Elavil, should not be given to people suffering from bipolar disorder because the mood elevations caused by the drug can lead hallucinations and worsen the disorder since the patient is already in manic.

"No one hallucinates while suffering from a mood disorder."

People with bipolar disorder may have hallucinations if given mood boosters due to their mania. People that do not have bipolar disorder would not have hallucinogenic reactions to a mood booster. This makes it known if someone is suffering with a mood disorder.

"Everyone who has bipolar disorder experiences the disorder in the same way."

Some people diagnosed with bipolar disorder can suffer with longer terms of many where as other people suffer longer terms of depression than mania.

"Only people suffering from depression are suicidal."

15% of people suffering from bipolar disorder try to commit suicide.