Ocean enviroment impacts

by:Darian Hutchins

5 ways humans have a negative impact on the ocean

#1.Oil spills: Since oil floats, the creatures most affected by animals are sea otters and sea birds that are found on the sea surface or on shorelines if the oil comes ashore

#2.Fertilizer: Algae and other life can grow out of control, eventually stripping oxygen from the water which fish and other aquatic life need.

#3.Pollution: As we dump trash on the side of the road, floods and water in drains, drain it out into the ocean.

#4:Over fishing: Overfishing endangers ocean ecosystems and the billions of people who rely on seafood as a key source of protein.

#5.Human impacts: Organic waste dumped into the oceans can have a devastating effect on ecosystems

5 ways humans have a positive impact on the enviroment

#1.Artificial reefs: When a structure is intentionally placed on the seafloor as an artificial reef, it can create habitat for a variety of marine life.

#2.Making little changes in the way we live can go a long way to reducing energy use—and carbon emissions.Not all energy comes from burning fossil fuels. Clean, unlimited energy can come from the sun, wind, or heat deep in the Earth (called geothermal).

#3. You can avoid trouble by only buying products that you know were sustainably harvested.Steer clear of jewelry, mementoes, and products made from marine animals or animal parts, including shells and—especially—coral.

#4. Help prevent this by curbing your family's throwaway habits. Make a point to use reusable bags beverage cups, and food containers.

#5.You can help keep the ocean—and other waterways—healthy by reducing your family's use of chemicals inside and out

positive impacts

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