TKAM Movie Poster

The prewrite of TKAM

Scout- Emma Stone

Scout would be played by Emma stone because Emma Stone is girly when she wants to be and she relates to scout because scout chooses not to be girly and to play with Dill and her brother Jem.

Jem- Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Jem would be played by Thomas because they both connect as in very mischievous and he doesn't like to get in trouble but still will risk it.

Atticus- Clive Owen

Clive Owen would play Atticus because they both Have a way with words and art.

Calpurnia - Oprah Winfrey

Calpurina would be played by Oprah because both of them have a little sass and attitude

Boo Radley - Spencer List

Dill- Charlie Tahan

Aunt Alexandra- Bob Ewell- Tom Robertson-

Aunt A- Maureen O' Hera

Bob Ewell- Louis Jourdan

Tom- Chris Rock

The Prewrite will be out coming soon! catch us on March 9, 2027