Keep Our Backyards Safe From These Poisonous Pests

Cane Toads Have Invaded our Beautiful Backyard

Do you want these massive poisonous toads to keep killing our gardens and our pets? Over 1 million toads have come into our beautiful backyard.

Cane Toad Buster End of the Year Smash

Sunday, April 19th, 7:30pm-1:45am

The Kalgoorlie Community Center, Western Australia

Come down to our community center to help keep our backyards safe. We will be having a contest for our attendees. Prizes will be give out to the team or person that has collected the most toads after the 6 hour hunt. Another prize will be given to the collector of the heaviest toad.

More Deatails

The cost of this is $25. This cost will get you a t-shirt, coffee/hot cocoa and cookies before the hunt. Part of the proceeds collected will go to help stopping the invasion of the cane toad. By participating in this hunt, you will be keeping you pets and younger children safe.