Weekly Geekly

May 7, 2018

Do you have a "techy" TTESS goal? Here's a professional learning opportunity for you!

The TIA Conference (Think, Iterate, Act), held in Denton each summer is a fantastic professional learning opportunity geared towards the classroom teacher. It's a huge conference, they get amazing keynote speakers, and they have food trucks for lunch. This years' keynote speakers are Fredi Lajvardi and Carl Hooker. They also have some featured speakers and one is a former Frisco DLC, Jeff Wiseman!

This year it will be held July 17 and 18 at Braswell High School.

You can register at tiacon.org

Did you see this?


Students Leaving the District/Graduating Seniors

Student G-Suite accounts are suspended when the corresponding Active Directory account is disabled (usually sometime in July for graduating seniors. For students who actually withdraw this could happen sooner.

You are welcome to share this document with students who you know are graduating and/or leaving the district to help them out. It tells them exactly what they need to do to prepare for their accounts being suspended.

Shout Out

To all the CTE teachers who helped make this year's middle school robotics competition a success, a huge thank you from me and Mimi McGhee! Angel Boyles, Sandra Gilmore, Eva Coleman, and Bryan Baker (who actually came out and judged for us!) all were instrumental in helping with our competition this year. THANK YOU!

Google Doodle in 360 VR

I had missed this originally, but Google did a 360 VR Doodle this week! I posted it below. If you open it on your phone or tablet, you can hit play and then turn your device around to see all the action. If you are on a computer, you can click and drag on the screen to move the camera angle. Very cool! Check out the google Spotlight STories if storytelling is in your curriculum. I have added the app to our devices.

Happy Teacher Appreciation- Win Prizes!

TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) is sponsoring a goose chase this week for teacher appreciation! If you are a member of TCEA and have the Goose Chase app, you just search for the game titled Teacher Appreciation Treasure Hunt. You might just want to join TCEA for the other cool things they offer, like webinars and resources. :)

Find more details here.