SMS: Conspiracy Day

We bring you the most popular conspiracy theories of SMS.

We all know and love our home-away-from-home, dear Shawnee Mission South. With its innocent green and gold bedecking the halls and Rocky the Raider's paper-mache visage greeting students as they head toward the front doors, South seems like any other high school (if not superior to its fellows). But what do we really know about the secrets that lie in the walls, beneath the floors, and even behind our favorite teachers' eyes? Today I present to you a few of the most popular conspiracy theories from Shawnee Mission South.

et tu, Dixon?

The privileged few who chose to study the ancient (and undeniably alive) language of Latin are familiar with South's tried and true Latin teacher Mr. Dixon. Many have passed through his classroom and emerged with a bountiful knowledge of Roman culture and the roots of the English language lodged firmly in their heads. But how much does Mr. Dixon truly let on? Rumors have swirled through the halls for months of a surprise takeover of South on the very last day of the 2015-16 school year. Instead of the usual sense of freedom and summer plans flowing through the air, three lbs. of bees (raised in Dixon's very own backyard) will make their debut and ultimately their home in our beloved school's hallways. The Latin teacher and his dutiful students will oversee a complete transformation of South into the world's first bee-exclusive spa and vacation resort. Of course, there's been no confirmation of the plans (that we know of), but suggested preparation include insect repellent, long sleeves, and befriending a Latin student.