Is Fishing Sustainable

By Nathan Ambrosini

Over Fishing

Over fishing is a serious issue with the fishing industry. When a company over fishes waters than not only are there less fish for other company's but it causes mass extinction of a specifies in those waters, this provides a problem because when something is removed from the food web it can cause many more specifies to go extinct. This is only a small part of the problem because over fishing lowers the fish population and creates an unsustainable fishing spot so you need to leave the waters alone causing loss of both money and jobs for the people. An example of this is the 2013 bluefin tuna accedent when the population dropped 93.4% due to overfishing.

Hydro Electricity

We need electricity for our comfort and way of living. So in order to not choke the environment by burning fossil fuels we resort to renewable "clean" sources of electricity such as hydro. Hydro is perfect in just about every way, except one, it affects fish in the most nasty ways imaginable. The fish swim through the water into the dam and get caught in the turbine which chops them up into small pieces which go through the other side and eventually to somewhere where we decide to swim, not knowing that in the water is tiny amounts of fish blood. As gruesome as it sounds it can be easily prevented by adding more fish ladders(small paths for fish to gett through).

Illegal Fishing

There are many forms of illegal fishing, I would like to speak about one that will blow you away. This form is allowed only certain places, can you guess what it is? It is dynamite fishing. This form works by killing fish the force of an explosion and than the dead fish rise to the sour face like no tomorrow. The only way to stop this form is to make the law world wide and enforce heavily before all our fish go up in underwater flames.
Fishing with Dynamite


In conclusion to this I would like to mention all the people who have devoted their lives to prevent this sort of stuff from happening, like fishing STEWARDs and people like coast guards. But even with all their effort fishing so far is becoming less and less sustainable by the day. This is all not to mention pollution such as the radiation from a Japanese nuclear power plant destroying our prime tuna fishing ground. So in my opinion fishing will collapse and we will be forced to stop fishing for countless generations.


I would like to thank the book Marine Stewardship and a number of websites for help.

-my teacher Mr.Robertson.