Endless Possibilites April Recap

and Upcoming News/Dates

Upcoming Dates

May 6 @ 6pm team meeting, Phelan CA

June 22 @ 6pm team meeting with Michele Bradley, Rancho Cucamonga CA

(if you have RSVP'd for this meeting PLEASE let me know if anything changes as we

have limited seats for this and I do not want anyone to miss it that wants to attend)

Tip of the month

Watch this video in your O2 Academy, here is how you find it: (click on these tabs)

Although it is called Sponsoring I promise you that you can use these tips in how to book Jewelry Bars as well as the in your daily business. Make it a goal to set 1 hour aside and watch this video.

1. O2 Academy

2. Business Academy

3. Sponsoring

4. How to Share

5. Sponsoring: the lifeline of your business


Top PV for April


1. Kimberly Larsen 2065.00

2. Jessica Belanger 1601.00

3. Ashley Marquez 1470.00

4. Chelsea Duclos 1414.00

5. Brandy Bennett 848.00

2nd Line:

1. Tami Davis 1721.00

2. Aspen Arriaga 829.00

3. Lacey Bilbruck 721.00

3rd Line:

1. Rebecca Rodriquez 1093.00

2. Stella Spadafora 846.00

3. Raquel Santaliz 520.00

4th Line:

1. Liza Pollanco 121.00

2. Marlene McCloskey 79.00

3. Angela Auberry 50.00

Share the Success Cash Bonus Incentive Earners

Congratulations ladies on your promotions and/or being paid at your highest title for April

1. Lacey Bilbruck 50.00 bonus

2. Betty Carlos 50.00 bonus

3. Jessica Belanger 250.00 bonus

4. Brandy Bennett 250.00 bonus

*** Not sure how the cash bonus incentives work, let me know! EVERYONE of you is eligible!

Soar to Success Earners

Congratulations to those who have earned and are still working towards there levels!!

Personal Sales STS Level 1:

Start date (or restart date)

1/21 Veronica Mendez
1/21 Betty Carlos
1/21 Marisol Medina
1/21 Mina Rodriguez Nesbitt
1/21 Glenda Rodriguez
1/21 Karla VanOrnum Carey
1/21 Kerry Bishop
1/21 Tammy McEntire

1/21 Jacqueline Martinez

3/24 Daisy Watkins

4/11 Danielle Alvarado

4/15 Judith Vasquez

Level 2 :

1/21 Julie Marie
2/19 Jody Gossert
2/20 Tanya Brandon

3/17 Alexis Diaz

Level 3:
2/26 Chelsea Duclos
1/21 Lorena Bozarth
1/21 Allen Davis
1/21 Stella Spadafora
1/21 Rebecca Rodriguez
1/21 Sandy Solis

1/21 Kelly Burke

I would love to see you earn the sponsoring levels also!! You can do it!!

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