Hard Drives & SSDs

A hard drive is basically a disk or platter in casing which stores information, prgrams, files, music.....and so on! An SSD is exactly the same exept it does not have a platter or any sort of disk. It is basically a harder more sturdy version of the hard drive, it is also more expensive as is newer technology and hold less capacity for the same reason as being expensive!

Optical Drives

What Are Optical Drives

Optical drives are used for many things which include playing DVDs and somtimes games. you can find them in laptops, computers, games consoles (xbox). In some laptops such as a Mac Book Air is too thin for the optial drive to fit in. but in most laptops and computers they are thick enough for the optical drive to fit in!


What are Monitors

Monitors are more commonly known as computer screens. They basically show us what is going on inside the computer in a simpiler way. They can show us games and Documents so we can edit them. Monitor are also known as television screens which alow us to see vidoes and games.


What Is a CPU

A CPU is more of a computers brain than actual machinery, it carries out all the instructions which can then be shown on the moniter. It stands for central processing unit. Sometimes the informaton about your computers processor is a sticker on the side of your computer for example intel i3


What Is a RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) provides space for your computer to read and write data to be accessed by the CPU (central processing unit). When people refer to a computer's memory, they usually mean its RAM.If you add more RAM to your computer, you reduce the number of times your CPU must read data from your hard disk.


What Is a Motherboard

The motherboard can be thought of as the "back bone" of the computer. It holds all of the different components of a computer