Pakistan-Bangladesh War in 1971

By Madilyn Corbin P.1

The War

The Pakistan and Bangladesh War in 1971 is also called the Bangladesh Liberation and the Bangladesh War of Independence. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India were the combatants in this war. The war was between East and West Pakistan, and started on March 26, 1971; lasting roughly 9 months, it finally ended on December 16, 1971. The war has two parts: the civil war from March to late Novemeber and the Indo-Pakistan War. The Indo-Pakistan War lasted thirteen days and ended when the Pakistani army surrendered on December 16, 1971. The war had casualties on both sides. India had 2000-3000 people KIA and 4058 wounded. Pakistan had 8000 people KIA and 10000 wounded.

Bangladesh women fought alongside men in the war. Unfortunately, almost 400,00 Bangladeshi women and girls were raped by the Pakistani Army. They were taken to rape camps and we still don't know how many "war babies" we're born because of this.

Life After

To this day, Bangladeshis are still effected by this war. There is a memorial for all the lives lost fighting in the Bangladesh Liberation. Many of the women that were raped and tortured during the war were rejected by their families after the war ended. Some of these women are said to have died of neglect. They aren't the only people effected by the war. Many families have been effected by this war, and the tragedy is still fresh in many of their minds.

On the other hand, the people of Pakistan want to forget about this embarrassing historical moment. In Karachi, Pakistan schools used to gloss over the war, speeding through the content in hopes children won't question. An approved history textbook in this city recognizes that the East Pakistanis felt controlled culturally and that their economy was being exploited by West Pakistan. Though when asked about the rapes and other things, the students said it was just propaganda, that it wasn't true.

There is still conflict between the inhabitant of both countries, though they are politically mature. The people in Bangladesh still want justice, and they hold a strong resentment towards Pakistanis. They two countries are peaceful, but relations have still not been recovered since the war.

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The Bangladesh Liberation Memorial