Why I should be in LLC

By: Alyssa Raley

About me

My name is Alyssa Raley, and I go to New Tech High @ Coppell. I am 16 years old, and I loved being involved with the school and the community! I have lived in Texas for 4 years now, and I hope to live here for much longer. I play basketball for CHS, I am in the A4A club, and I compete in DECA.

Previous leadership positions

Although previously I have not had any official leadership titles for any official organizations, I am still a leader in a lot of things I do. I am usually the group leader for school projects, I often lead our weekly networking meetings, and I am very involved in my clubs. I was part of LLC for the 2015-2016 school year, and I led my DECA partner and I to state. I am hoping that next school year, I will have more official titles.

What could I offer to LLC and our school?

I truly believe that I am a valuable asset to LLC and New Tech. I can offer my loyalty to both, since I am so passionate about them. I can offer my positivity and my hard work. I am a reliable person to ask for help, and I will always work hard in everything I do.

Why do I want to be part of LLC?

I really love being involved in New Tech and the community, I love getting out and helping others and the school. Last year I said I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I really think that I did; it’s not as hard or awkward for me to be a leader when I need to be. I still sometimes get nervous when trying to lead others I don’t know, or people that are older than me, and I think next year, especially being Mardi Gras year, I can get out of that next level of my comfort zone. I want to join LLC to give me more opportunities to be a leader not just in New Tech, but the community.

My Greatest Weakness

A weakness of mine is letting others take advantage of me. I hate being super bossy or seeming unfair, which sometimes results in group members not doing their fair share of work, or doing it to the best of their capability. Lately I’ve been working on that, because I know its not fair if I get hurt because of others, but its still a huge weakness of mine.

Example leadership position

Since it was both my and my partners first year in DECA, we really had to work hard. I took the lead and scheduled all the meetings, planed everything that we studied and practiced, and when we did it. We only had 2 weeks to practice for district competition, and I would say we did pretty well since we qualified for state. This was probably one of my proudest leadership roles, even though I didn't have the title, because there was so little time to make it all happen. My partner was amazing and contributed to planning as well, and worked her hardest. I believe that the way I lead was efficient, because I did the little things right.


A challenge that I have faced, but overcome, is confidence. At the beginning of the year, I wasn't as confident as I am now, I was a little shy. Once I got to take on more leadership positions and get a real taste of being a leader, I grew more confident and believed that I was doing everything right. Confidence is so important when being a leader, because it makes people take you more seriously, and it makes you easier to confront.

Team member

When I am working with any type of group or team, I’m definitely very reliable. I always pull my weight, and actively make sure that everything that needs to get done is getting done, even if I’m not officially taking on a leadership role. I am usually the enthusiastic one in the team that can always encourage others.

greatest memories

I hate when I am asked the question "What was your greatest high school memory?". I have had so many amazing experiences, it's impossible to choose one. I have great memories going to the football games, playing in my basketball games and going on bus rides, doing community service, my DECA trip, the LLC bonding days; they all make me smile looking back on them. A common theme I would say, is being part of something way bigger than yourself. Being with people who are as extremely excited as I am, just fills me with a joy I can't explain.

LLC reflection

Overall, this year in LLC was pretty good. I always tried my hardest to make it to all of the events, I did all my tasks, and I did them well. It was so fun being part of LLC, and that's why I want to join it again! The only bad thing that I would say, is that I could of done more. We had a lot of down time this year, and I wish I would of taken a step and done things that I wasn't asked to do. Without me, LLC would not only have more work to do, but it would be missing that girl who's always smiling and being positive no matter what were doing.

Favorite Quotes! (Still)

"The gods confound man who first found out

How to distinguish hours! Confound him, too,

Who in this place set up a sundial

To cut and hack my days so wretchedly

Into small portions"


“It is when we all play safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity”

(Dag Hammarskjold)

"Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies"


"But in reality we are accompanied by the whole dancing universe"

(Ruth St. Denis)

"When eating an elephant take one bite at a time"

(Creighton Abrams)