world war 2

the war of country's !!!

Why you should read

you should look at this because, this event is one of the most important events in history.

I will also be listing the deaths injurer and people who survived this terrific event.

you should learn more about this event after you are done reading.

world war 2

Saturday, Sep. 2nd 1939 at 12am to Sunday, Sep. 2nd 1945 at 12am

Europe, pacific, Atlantic, South-east Asia, China, middle east, Mediterranean, northern Africa

Allies over 60 million dead, Axis over 12 million dead, there where 42000000 USSR, Germany 9000000, China 4000000, japan 3000000, and over 50 million civilians kill also there where over 50000000 million injured there where over 70 million deaths and over 500000000 million survived.

we won the war !!!