'Never Missing a Teaching and Learning Trick'

Issue 2 - September 2013

Road To Glory | Marginal Gains

Marginal Learning Gains (MLG)

When Sir Dave Brailsford took the helm as Performance Director at British Cycling in 2004, he made it his aim to make Team GB the most successful cycling team in the world - an aim which he inevitably delivered.

His approach was to make marginal gains in every possible aspect of a cyclists performance, from their physical and psychological performance to ensuring that the athletes slept on the same pillow each night for consistent sleep patterns and even training them to wash their hands correctly to reduce the risk of illness.

Indeed, this approach proved to be highly effective and the team won 8 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at the London 2012 Olympics (find out more here).

Educators have realised the potential of this method in improving teaching and learning. This approach has now been adopted in Hospitality and Leisure - The marginal gains will be discussed in further detail at the next AP meeting, but in essence the focus will be on three core areas as detailed in the WHOLE Marginal Gains Triad below:

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Got an idea you'd like to share?

A toolkit has been produced for HOLE staff to use and add their own resources to. It is a simple to use padlet page where you can drag and drop items to it from google chrome or simply upload from any other browser. I have started the process by uploading some of my favourite ideas - have a look and add your own!


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Websites/Apps of the month

Are these things you could use in your practice?

http://www.fractionplanet.com/ - A website packed with games that help the learner to understand fractions.

http://www.aplusclick.com/ - A math resource packed website where you can select math tasks from an array of levels and topics. All can be completed online so you will need a computer room.

http://appshed.com/ - A free to use app creator. Could learners create their own apps for a task?

www.hackasaurus.org/ - A useful web tool that allows you to 'hack' websites and change the content which can then be published at an alternative web address. Best used via Mozilla Firefox (ask me about how I use this resource in English).