Free Web Tools for WL Teachers

Attend the Dine & Discuss "Workshop" and get paid!

Awesome Free Web Tools for WL teachers!

I will be presenting a workshop on Kahoot, a free game-based platform that makes learning fun!

You will earn a stipend of $20 (paid by OTL) for attending the 1-hr Dine & Discuss session.

Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided.


Probable dates: February 18 (Thur.), February 23 (Tues.), February 25 (Thurs.)

If you are interested in attending the Dine & Discuss session, please complete the online survey (link included in the e-mail) so we can decide which date works best for most.


Diana Pistritto (Spanish teacher)

Chippens Hill Middle School

Media Center


(date to be decided - complete survey sent by e-mail)