Environmental Study Project

Brandon Alvarez


The average rainfall in Orlando, Florida is 53.17 inches. The average weather in Florida is 72.6*F. It affects the lives of the residents because if it rains they have to put whatever they have to do on hold. Sometimes people say that when the weather changes it affects their health. The weather also affects us by what we can or cannot do during that time, or what we have to wear if its cold, rainy, or hot. The weather affects our moods as well. It affects our mood by getting us grumpy, happy, sad or mad depending on the weather.

Natural Disater

  • Hurricane Katrina was one of the five most deadly and destructive Hurricanes in the United States.
  • Florida got hit with natural disasters for 2 years in a row within the past decade, but in the 1990’s we got hit almost every year.
  • Hurricane Katrina affected over 15 million people in different factors such as the economy, evacuations, water, and gas prices.
  • To be prepared for any natural disasters you need to pay attention to the weather channel and the news for any new updates.
  • Then buy supplies so you can be prepared for the unexpected. Helpful supplies would include clothing, food, shelter, flashlights, and water. You should also keep your medications in a waterproof container or in a safe so you can keep them fresh.


Florida was founded on March, 30, 1821 by a man named Juan Ponce de Leon. Florida’s current population is 19.32 million. My community has changed over time due to development. The developers tore down all the best places to have fun. Every since they started building more house the best places started to disappear. When the home associates saw this they decided to use the new land to make a small park for all the kids.


My community is all houses and no apartments, condos, etc. Basketball is a popular pastime in my neighborhood. Most of the kids in my neighborhood play basketball or play at the park. Another popular pastime is gardening. Mostly, the adults do the gardening, rarely the kids. The other popular pastime is riding bikes. Families like to enjoy the sun and saver the views of the natural environment.


The wildlife we have in our community are cats, dogs, frogs, and birds. The Cats help our community by killing rodents. Dogs help our community by barking to alert us when someone is approaching the front door. Frogs help the community by eating the things that can bite us such as flies, mosquito, and other pests. The birds also get rid of the rodents and fish from the pond.


In my community we have all types of races but mostly Hispanics and Caucasians. My culture is Hispanic. I am Puerto Rican and Peruvian but I was born in Fort Lauderdale. All the different races in my community interact to make a better and safer community by being kind to one another.

My Map

All the points on my map is everything that I love and they are all in a 2 mile radius. There is my house, my school, basketball court, the club house, and my best friends house.

Overall Reflection