PreK II News

Week of November 17th

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What's SPECIAL this week?

*This week we are going to be continuing our learning unit on insects and focusing on the ladybug!

*We are also talking about Faithfulness for the month of November. See the back of our newsletter for more information on Faithfulness.

*Chapel is on Friday!


*Please be sure to send your child to school ready for cold weather! We often go outside, so they will need coats, hats, gloves, and boots if it's snowy!
*We have openings for extended day on all school days! Some of our students could truly benefit from extra classroom time to get them ready for Kindergarten. If your budget will allow, please consider it for the new year and if you're interested, talk to Mrs. Wilson!
*Some of the children are playing "gun-type" games and even though it is a natural idea (especially for boys) is is not appropriate play for preschool. Please gently remind your children that that type of play is not going to be allowed at school.

Family Partnerships

*Our Thanksgiving Meal is next week on Monday, November 24th and Tuesday, November 25th! If you'd like to help, please let us know this week ASAP!

*Have your child tell you all the animals the Grouchy Ladybug wanted to fight. Help them make a page of their very own ladybugs using their thumbprints and a few markers.

Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

In the schoolyard, friendships can be made and betrayed on a whim – and the hurt can be lasting. Help your children be faithful friends, and kids you can depend on too.

Motivate your children to be someone who:
  • is confident, God will never withdraw His love or break His promises
  • is a loyal, supportive friend
  • can be trusted to fulfill promises and commitments
  • puts the welfare of others ahead of their own welfare.