The Super Pencil

It's The Pencil That Never Breaks

Announcing The Super Pencil

Has your pencil ever broken? Do you like chocolate? Did you have the best lunch ever today? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need the Super Pencil. It's a quick and easy fix to the problem of your pencil breaking. There is no way that you won't want it. Even candidate Donald Trump is enjoying his Super Pencil. He said "Every day I have to sign papers and write stuff. Sometimes my pencil would break and I would then have to get a new one. Now I never have to. It's just revolutionary." Even with Mr.Trump's approval you might still be skeptical about buying this magnificent product. You might also want to know how it works so I'll tell you how. Statistics show that 100% of the time pencils are broken because people are involved. The Super Pencil avoids this by taking that out of the equation. We put the Super Pencil in a box that can't be opened so that people can't touch it. It's so simple right. It is made for anyone, even you. So what what are you waiting for? Go get one.