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Week of May 1, 2017


Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become engaged learners, high achieving scholars, and positive role models.

Monday Edition

Jay's Jems

Hey, everyone. Check out these sources to share with your students and even for yourself!
World Best Motivational Videos for Students

Exams scores for the week of April 24

Shouts to grade 1 for remaining above 80%

Honorable mention to grades 2 and 5 for efforts in the 70%s

Keep pushing grades 3 & 4!

Digital Detox Week - May 1st to 7th

This week Digital Detox Week! This annual event is where we are encouraged to turn off our screens (yes, that means phones, IPads, laptops, TVs, computers - anything with a digital screen!) and are encouraged to 'turn on' other things in life. Instead of relying on digital entertainment, we are encouraged to read, write, explore the outdoors, exercise, spend time with family and friends, play a board game ... the possibilities are endless!

Encourage your families and your students to participate in digital detox. You will reap many benefits and rewards!

Here are some websites that have some ideas for digital detoxing!






Monday, May 1st is School Principal/Leaders Day!

A special thank you goes to the educational leaders at IAT!

Jay, Ebony, Al, Trevin, and Lindsay M., we thank you for all you do for the students at IAT!

Please show our leaders your appreciation for their commitment to our school.

Below are two links to ideas that can help your students get involved in showing their appreciation as well.

Enjoy your special day!




Attention 1st-5th Grade and SPED Teachers! Pick Up Your Banda Copies NOW!

Please stop by Jennifer's Office to pick up the copies of your completed Bandas. There is a bin by my whiteboard with folders with each teacher's name.

Since I do not want to interrupt your teaching time with your students, I appreciate taking an extra moment to stop by frequently to pick up your copies.

Once we get mailboxes, I will be able to put your copies in your box.

Thank you for your help with this!

IAT Open House

The PBIS Team is planning an Open House Event at IAT! It will be held on Wednesday, May 17th from 1-4 pm.

We will be having karaoke, yard games, face painting, arts and crafts and tours of the school.

We will need help running activities and getting donations, if you are interested in helping out please contact either Miss Meyers or Mr. Simmons

Happy Birthday to YOU!

May your day be blessed and may you have a wonderful year ahead!

Manejay Lewis - May 6

Jodi Tomsky - May 7

Tech Support Here

Please use the link to submit tickets for tech support to Pat or Jim.

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