Mr. Judge's 2nd Grade Telegraph!!

12/7/15...Vol. 13

Hello and AH, SHUCKS!!

I am so lucky to have such a giving and supportive class of students and parents this year! Your good wishes, treats and gifts for my birthday all made me feel VERY special...THANK YOU!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Although it's sunny out, PLEASE be sure your child comes to school with a coat/jacket and weather appropriate clothing. I think we're expected to have chilly mornings and pleasant afternoons until the middle of the week (much like we've had the last several days).

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The holidays are among us. With that in mind, PLEASE keep your eyes open for email, updates and other announcements about special activities being planned. Our class holiday party will be on Friday, December 18th from 9-10. There will be messages sent out for how you can contribute to our special celebration...STAY TUNED!!!
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What's Happening This Week!

Besides preparing for festivities, 2nd Grade will keep truckin' along with another exciting week of learning!! For Science/Social Studies the class will be studying

New Plants (parts of a plant and their functions). For math, the class will work with inches, feet, yards - estimating, measuring and comparing measurements.For spelling/phonics, Unit 12: long, very, little, after, words Phonics: review vowel r, short vowel sounds, suffixes. For writing, we will continue learning about different forms of poetry; haiku, acrostic, couplet.

For more info on our curriculum, or for more practice at home, please visit the 2nd Grade website, attached below!

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Math Practice!

Here are some of the math skills we will be working on this week. Below, I have provided what the math skill is, along with the report card skill the students are responsible for. I hope you find these helpful, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Homework (not required): Click the homework tab at the top of the webpage and download Bridges Math Homework. (Worksheets pg. 89-94)

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Problem 1: Locating Numbers on a Number Line

Report Card Skill:

  • Names and locates a whole number on an open number line

Problem 2: Counting Money

Report Card Skill (*3rd Nine Weeks):

  • Determines the value of a collection of coins up to $1.00

Problem 3: Measurement

Report Card Skill:

  • Measures to find the length of an object using standard units and tools
  • Explains how you get different answers when you measure the same object with different units (e.g., inches and feet)

Problem 4: Problem Solving

Report Card Skill (*4th Nine Weeks):

  • Adds and subtracts 3-digit numbers and explains the strategies used

Problem 5: Problem Solving/Measurement

Report Card Skill:

  • Adds and subtracts 2-digit numbers and explains strategies used
  • Measures to find the length of an object using standard units and tools

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We will begin 18 week assessments this Monday, December 7th. Please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast and plenty of rest to help them do their very best!

Holiday Parties are planned and just around the corner. Be sure to check e-mails or notes from me or Carolina Rodriguez (our room rep) at,

Problem 6: Telling Time

Report Card Skill (*4th Nine Weeks):

  • Reads and writes time to the nearest minute

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Mark Your Calendar for These Special Dates!

Please read the PTA Newsletter to keep up with school wide events!

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See What We're Up To!!!

Please follow us on Twitter @scottjudge07 and #ReaganRays

Also, don't forget to visit the 2nd Grade website!

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Interested in Helping Our Classroom?

We LOVE having volunteers!!

If you would like to come in and help the class please contact Carolina Rodriguez at,

Here are the times/days classroom help is needed:

Monday - Thursday

Math 9:00 - 10:15

Spelling 10:15 - 10:50

Reading 12:00 - 1:10

Writing 1:10 - 1:50

We'd love to have you in!!

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Have A Great Week!!!

I am VERY grateful for everyone's help and support! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail, or call the school (512) 570-7200. I hope everyone has an AMAZING week ahead!!