District VII LDE Results

Plano West FFA Chapter

What a successful night!

Tuesday night, 11/12, we had 40 Plano West, Jasper and Shepton students compete at the District VII contest last night at the Arlington CTE Center. These students have spent countless hours perfecting their performances and preparing for this night AND IT PAID OFF!

There were 6 teams that placed 1st or 2nd and will advance to the Area V Contest on Wednesday, 11/20!

Thank you for all you do for our students!

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Greenhand Skills - 1st (Advance to Area)

Libby Ragsdale - Shepton

Yael Fine - Shepton

TJ Bohling - Shepton

Max Mayes - Shepton

Trinity Shepherd - Shepton

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Ag. Advocacy - 2nd (Advance to Area)

Eliza McDowell - Jasper

Hogan Lee - Jasper

Mitchell Pelham - Jasper

Lily Lax - Jasper

Vivianne Farlander - Jasper

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Ag Issues Forum - 2nd (Advance to Area)

Emmalee Molher - PWSH

Chris Pabalan - PWSH

Lindsay Vaughn - PWSH

Sofia Gilani - PWSH

Maddie Napier - PWSH

Paige Sumner - PWSH (Not pictured)

Jordyn Clements - PWSH (Not pictured)

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Public Relations - 2nd (Advance to Area)

Rowan Escobar - PWSH

Alex Janise - PWSH

Talia Waterman - PWSH

Dora Hillyer - PWSH

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Radio Broadcast - 2nd (Advance to Area)

Emily Hodges - PWSH

Gianinna Cocco - PWSH

Haley McNeel - PWSH

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Sr. Skills - 2nd (Advance to Area)

Aidan Ahern - Jasper

Katie Hanna - PWSH

Sophie Fields - PWSH

Matthew Meaders - Jasper

Ashton Foley - PWSH

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Job Interview - 3rd

Joey Reisinger - PWSH
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Senior Chapter Conducting - 3rd

Aleece Skogsbergh - PWSH

Zoe Nguyen - PWSH

Briana McNeal - Shepton

Joey Reisinger - PWSH

Sofia Reisinger - Shepton

Libby Thornton - PWSH

Rowan Escobar - PWSH (Not pictured)

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Greenhand Quiz - 4th (3-way tie for 2nd)

Sofia Reisinger - Shepton

Christy Liu - Jasper

Katia Chyobotov - Jasper

Briana McNeal - Shepton
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Senior Quiz - 4th

Mitchell Pelham - Jasper

Louna Pessy - PWSH

Sophie Grzyb - PWSH

Karyn Frost - PWSH

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Greenhand Creed - 6th

Morgan Matlock - Jasper

Senior Creed - 8th

Michaela Williams - Jasper
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Thanksgiving Potluck and LDE Performance

We will be having our annual Thanksgiving Potluck on Tuesday, 11/19, in the Presentation Room at Plano West. We will start at 6:30pm with our meal, followed by the performance of all Area Qualifying Teams!!!

Everyone is welcome to join to eat great food and see our talented Plano West FFA students!

Thank you!!

We have been blessed with a great group of students who don't shy away from a challenge and always step up to the task, but all of this couldn't be possible without the support of their teachers, administrators and ofcourse the parents!!

Thank you for always supporting the Plano West FFA Chapter! We couldn't do it without all of you!!!!

We are so proud of our students and all they accomplish,

Cristen Graf, John Graf and Austin Webster

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