By Isabel J and Hannah B

All About Me .... Theseus

King MInos wanted the village to like him more, so he promised a bull would come out of the sea. He knew he couldn't do that, so he promised the Sea God that if he helped King Minos, he would kill the bull for him. He ended up liking the bull, so he kept it and broke the promise. The Sea God swore on revenge. King Minos was married to Pasiphae, and they had a child named Androgeus. The Athens knew that his child would win the Olympics, so they decided to kill him. After Androgeus was dead, King Minos went to sea. While he was at sea, his wife Pasiphae was cursed by the Sea God to fall in love with the bull. She loved the bull so much, she dressed up like a bull and had a kid with the bull. The kid was known as the Minotaur. Then Theseus, child of Aegeus, said he would kill the Minotaur for Ariadne. When he got there, he defeated the bull right away, because Ariadne had a plan that he would be able to kill the Minotaur. King MInos was mad because he wanted the bull to rot and die on his own, but all the villagers were not scared to come out of there homes anymore, thanks to Theseus.

My Interview With Hannah and Isabel

Theseus: Hi welcome to the show, Hannah and Isabel.

Us: Hello thanks for inviting us.

Theseus: Ask any questions you want.

Us: Who were your enemies in the book?

Theseus: My enemies were, The Minotaur, Medea, Pallas, Sea God, and the Athens.

Us: Nice to know, second question is, what places did you live in?

Theseus: Delphi and Sparta in the second century B.C

Us: Interesting, next question, what were the looks of your time?

Theseus: We wore thin cloth to cover ourselves.

Us: I did not know that! What was the main problem that was in the book?

Theseus: So, King Minos broke a promise, so the Sea God tookrevenge and had his wife have a minotaur with the bull. Then, King Minos hated the Minotaur, so he locked him up. The villagers were very scared of him. So then I had to go and defeat him, and that was my problem.

Us: Who were your friends in the book?

Theseus: My friends were the bull, Aegeus, Ariadne, Icarus, and Daedalus.

Us: How did you solve your problems?

Theseus: By defeating the Minotaur once and for all.

Us: That's it for today.

Theseus: Bye, thanks for coming!

Comparing and contrasting Theseus and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift defeated bullies, and Theseus defeated the Minotaur. Taylor and Theseus are both loyal and trustworthy. They also please people. They both didn't start their career until they were older. The differences are that Taylor Swift is a singer, and Theseus is a hero. Theseus is from the 2nd century B.C. and Taylor is from the 21st century (now). Taylor grew up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and Theseus grew up in Delphi, Greece.

Family Tree of Theseus

King Aegeus was married to Aethra, and they had Theseus. Then King Minos and Pasiphae were married so they had Ariadne. As time went on, Theseus and Ariadne got married and had Dionysus.