Thirty-One M&M's Team Newsletter

Robyn Davis' Gen 0-----Celebrating May 2016

A little note from me...

Hey Team!!! Woweeee May was a month for the books! You ladies worked hard promoting the special and the amazing Outlet sale! What a wonderful surprise that was for our businesses. :)

With Summer here, our hostesses and customers will be BUSY!!! So knowing that, it is time to really work and "think outside of the box" from traditional parties and sales!

During the summer you have to really have a strong Goal or WHY you want and NEED to work in the start with that!!

-Do you need vacation money??

-Pay off a bill??

-Start saving for back to school expenses?

After you have a concrete goal....write it out or print out a picture and post it by your work space!! You will be reminded daily of WHY you are working!

When your Summer Goal is concrete it will hopefully give you motivation to start seeking hostesses, parties and opportunities to share Thirty-One!

Parties during the summer may look differently...maybe...

-a Happy Hour party

-a Swim party at the pool where kids are invited

-Lunch hour party

-Family Reunion Party

-Offering a theme party: Sandals and Sangrias OR Tacos and Totes...for example!

I'm here to help and EXCITED to see what the summer holds!!

Please reach out if you need anything at all!

Proud to work with you all!


Robyn Davis

Robyn's May Stats:

PV: $6,504

Parties: 6

New Team Members: 2

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Debie Cone

Joined: 8/19/2013

Promoted to Senior Consultant: 6/1/2016

Favorite Thirty-One Product: Large Utility Tote but a close 2nd is her All About the Benjamins Wallet

Best Tip: You work your business like a business, it'll pay you like a business but if you work it like a hobby it'll pay out like a hobby. Either way you still get paid, just depends how much you need/want.

Laura Galindo

Joined: 11/6/2012

Promoted to Senior Consultant: 6/1/2016

Favorite Thirty-One Product: Large Utility Tote .... I have so many I lost track of how many I have!

Best Tip: Pay attention and listen to your customers needs. When I hear they are looking for a certain product, I bring up that we carry it and show them a catalog. I also let my customers know about the customer special, especially if they have commented on that certain product before.

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Top in Personal Volume!

Ashley Lykins, Director

May PV: $1,942.55

Tip from the TOP:

Follow ups!!! I have been REALLY focusing on follow ups since April, and it's paying off!!! Following up with Hostesses AND the customers from her party!

Congrats also to the TOP 20% of selling on our team...

Stephanie Keene - $1,053.88

Amy Fisher - $1,017.63

Laura Galindo - $1,006.64

Paula Dean - $917.69

Debie Cone - $872.71

Amanda Johnson - $848.92

Bonnie Olle - $786.62

Olivia Guardiola - $776.89

Mary Gonzalez - $775.84

Newly Qualified Consultants!

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May StartSwell Earners!!!

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Team Volume: $23,958.35

# of Parties: 25

# of New Consultants: 4

# of Consultants: 55

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Who will be our next Senior Consultant??

Valerie Gutierrez

Allison Smoot

Brita DeStefano

Alyson Hernandez

These ladies all are on the way with 1 QUALIFIED team member!

Go ladies Go!

On the way to Directorship...
Who will be our Next Director?

Amy Fisher-4 QSC

Melyssa Char- 3 QSC

Stephanie Keene-2 QSC

Debie Cone-2 QSC

Laura Galindo-2 QSC

*QSC-qualified consultant

Dream Rewards!!

From May 1 to September 30, 2016, you’ll earn Dream Rewards points for every dollar of Personal Volume (PV)* you submit and for every Personally Enrolled, Qualified & Active recruit (PEQA)** who joins your team.

Accumulate as many points as possible during the five-month earning period to earn a gift card valued at $100-$1,300!


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