By Mihir Chadaga, Alex Wu

Always Remember to Brush Your Teeth...

Pure fluorine is very contagious for humans. But fluorine is only dangerous if there are large amounts of it, and humans have been using small amounts to strengthen the teeth and bone for many years when mixed with other chemicals to neutralize the toxicity. In fact fluorine is an active ingredient in the toothpaste you use to brush your teeth. Every living person has had their mother tell them to brush their teeth twice a day. Here's why. Without the fluorine in toothpaste your teeth will get very soft and will eventually fall out. Do you ever wonder why teeth get black or yellow? Not enough fluorine. However, there are reasons that dentists say to brush twice or at most thrice a day. Too much fluorine results in the exact same thing. The toxicity of the fluorine will eventually and slowly eat away at one's teeth. Slowly, the tooth will get softer.

Rich Fluorine Foods

There are many rich foods that contain lots of fluorine. Such as cucumbers, carrots, garlic, dandelions, licorice, and other green leafy vegetables. The reason why vegetables have fluorine in them is because the fertilizers used to grow them contain fluoride. Below are some pictures of some foods. Eating these foods will be very healthy for your body, including protecting your spleen.