Slave Owners

All about their side in the Civil War

All About Slave Owners

In the Southern United States, many people owned land to farm crops on. These people had slaves to farm their crops and do the hard work for them. Their slaves also would clean and cook for them in their house. These people were called slave owners. They did not treat slaves equally. Slave owners thought of slaves as property instead of people. They even bought and traded slaves.

Where, What, and When

The majority of slavery took place in the Southern United States such as South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Slavery was totally legal from 1654 to 1865. Slaves worked in an efficient gang system that worked almost like a machine. The majority of the slaves' work was farming cotton, farming other crops, and house work such as cooking and cleaning.

Black & White

We all know that most of the slave owners were white. But what most people don't know about slave owners is that some were black. These black slave owners were freed black slaves who became slave owners to make a profit or free their families.

Another thing most people don't know about slavery is that there were also white slaves. These slaves were young European males trying to make money.