Ms. Buzon's Superstars

Information for the parents of my second grade class

Welcome to Second Grade!

Hi! My name is Ms. Buzon and I will be teaching your child this school year. I hope everyone had a great summer and I am so excited to have your child in my second grade class! A little something about myself: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Studies with EC-6 Generalist Teaching Certification from the University of Houston and this will be my first year teaching second grade in Cougar Elementary School! I love learning and it is a passion of mine to pass it along to my students! When I am not in the classroom, I find myself baking, scrapbooking, and playing with my dogs! This school year is going to an amazing one together with you and your child! Second grade is full of energy and I am looking forward to meeting them!

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Beginning of the Day:

When entering the classroom, put away your book-bag by hooking it on to the assigned hook with your name on it and snack and lunch in the snack and lunch bucket. Then, turn in your homework in the homework basket then start the day by sitting in your assigned table and chair.

Using the Restroom:

You must raise your hand to request permission to use the bathroom. Remain seated unless permission is given to do otherwise.


We will be lining up accordingly in two lines: the students who brought their lunch from home and students who will be buying lunch. During lunch, we will be talking in the 0 level and you may use the bathroom as long as permission is requested and given to you. If you did not bring a drink, you are allowed to go to the water fountain to have a drink.

End of the Day:

You will clear your desk and bring your daily homework folder home. I will be calling your table, and once your table is called, you will gather your backpacks and lunch (if you have brought it for the day). After everyone has gathered their belongings, you will sit on the carpet and wait to be dismissed.

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Nocturnal Animals

For our first unit of study, we studied about Life Science which focused on nocturnal animals and the senses they use to navigate life in the dark. During this unit, we did two activities in class: the first activity required using a number of small drawstring bags and each contains a mystery object. By having these bags with the mystery object in them the students were encouraged to engage their sense of touch in order to describe and identify each object without looking inside the bags. For the second activity, the students used their sense of hearing to listen to sound recordings of different animals and they have to match the sound to the images of animals on the worksheet that was given to them. While doing this recording activity, students were asked to have their eyes shut so that they can fully concentrate on identifying the sounds. Both of these activities, students practiced and learned how to use their senses by being hands-on and interactive.

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Field Trip Time!

Thursday, March 31st, 9am

5555 Hermann Park Drive

Houston, TX

The second grade will be visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Thursday, March 31st. During this trip, we will be reviewing many of the second grade science standards. Students will be learning about different life cycles, animals, and many more other exciting topics. We will be leaving Cougar Elementary at 9:00 A.M. sharp and will be back at 2:45 P.M.

The payment and completed and signed permission slips will be due by Thursday, March 24th. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please let me know by contacting me at TeacherEmail@cougar.isd.

Maxine the Unicorn Game

This week your child will be learning Addition and Subtraction to 20 in Math class. I would like to share an interactive game that my be beneficial to your child at home for practice. The name of the game is Maxine the Unicorn that may be located at The objective of the game is to learn addition and subtraction to 20, which is a perfect tool to help your child practice for this week's lesson. The game contains a unicorn named Maxine and your child will help Maxine catch the falling hearts with the correct answer on it. Each round, the game will give you 3 chances to get the answers wrong. Until you collect 10 hearts, you may advance to the next level. I believe that this game will fully help your child practice their addition and subtraction!

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