Scientific Revolution

Jairo C.

What was the Change?

The scientific Revolution was a historical change in thought and belief.The social and institutional organization made Europe unfold between 1550 -1700.It was mostly a dramatic time in which scientist described the universe and the place within it. For example Nicholas Copernicus who asserted heliocentric cosmos and would finish with Isacc Newton, which proposed mechanic universe and universe laws.Many scientist wanted to use observations and experiments to come up with theories.This

allowed scientists to logically find answers through the use of reason

Who were people associated with the Change?

The people associated with the change were Copernicus,Galileo,and Newton. Copernicus was the one that developed the heliocentric model of the universe.His Statement said that the sun was the center of the universe and that the world revolves around it, After that scholars disagreed with his theories and kept believing on the Geocentric model by the Greek Ptolemy. Galileo on the the other hand continues working on Copernicus' work by observing the sky with a homemade telescope, and even though he was able to prove Copernicus work he was rejected by the church or recant ''to take it back or face execution''.Later on Isaac Newton made a telescope and was a mathematics and devoted time to optics.

How did it affect society?

During the scientific Revolution their were many changes throughout the world. For example the world was seen differently. Not like back then when people use to think that the earth was the center of everything. Because of this people started learning more about the laws of motion and the way gravity worked.This later on resulted in new discoveries like medicine,physics, and biology.Thanks to this now we can continue to study the world and can be more advanced.