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For People Who Want To Lose Weight

Recommendations For People Who Want To Lose Weight - Most of the human body is water. For our body water is a must. To do this, the best solution to meet the needs in the liquid is just water. This news is resource by Joey Atlas Scam

When water loss of 10%, much worse condition of the body. To the kidneys working normally also need water. Due to lack of water, the liver is heavy load. If the fluid is small, and slows down the elimination of toxins from the body. Therefore the need for daily drinking water corresponding to full withdrawal of the metabolic products of the human body. With a lack of water can be constipation. Edemas also appear as a result of inadequate fluid intake. Due to the small amount of water, often a person feels hungry. Water prevents the emergence of diseases such as bladder cancer.

Water consumption depends on the following factors:
• Of body weight
• Ambient temperature
• From humidity
• From the state as a whole
• Of respiratory rate
• Because weight loss
• From caffeine and alcohol
• Smoking
• The frequency feast
• Because of the physical activity.

During exercise can drink water every 20 minutes. It should also be drinking water before and after physical exercise. On the day you can drink 8 glasses of pure water with a volume of 273 ml.