Decide, Commit, Resolve *4 week Call Series


Did you know that to be outstanding that it only takes 2% more effort than the average? That means 98% of people eliminate themselves! How silly is that? If you are in the 2%, you are only competing with 2%! Don’t eliminate yourself. Step up!

Don’t make the mistake of someday. (When I achieve this, when I have more time, meet the right people, get a certain paycheck. etc., etc.) Train your nervous system to feel good by being positive and getting into action. Emotion is created by motion. Don't wait to feel good. Decide now, feel good and do both.

We will be focused on breaking through your limiting beliefs and changing your state so that you control how you feel so you decide easily to take action in life. You create your own success, and decision happens in a moment...NOW!

ONLY sign up if you are committed to going to the next level and playing full out. It's going to be fun and exciting, so I hope you'll join us! (Only registered guests may attend, so be sure to not skip this step).

4 Week Step Up Call 7 pm MST

Monday, June 22nd, 7pm to Monday, July 13th, 9pm

This is an online event.

We will meet each week online via Webinar Jam/Google Hangout. You will need a gmail account and a webcam to participate.

We will meet 4 times at 7:00 pm MDT (Denver):
June 22& 29
July 6&13
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ONLY sign up if you are ready to rock and are committed to taking action. This will be an in-depth focus on breaking through limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. You have the skills...this is about changing your state for success!