Techie Tidbits

Term 4 Weeks 5-6

Do you have a favourite Maths game for students?

Email me the link and I will share all of them in the next Techie Tidbits.

Using Facebook for Professional Development

Facebook is more than just making social connections. These are just a few of the teaching sites I have "liked". There are thousands out there. When you follow teaching sites on Facebook you get instant updates of new resources and teaching ideas. You should be able to check these out even if you are not on Facebook.

DEC Site- Connecting Learning in the Primary Classroom

Have you seen what is available on from Curriculum Support in relation to ICT resources?

Follow the link (may need to be at school).

Check out Hot Links (lots of websites for each KLA K-2, 3-6) and KLA Resources (Smart Notebook's for KLAS).

100 Word Challenge

This is the link to the site that Michelle showed us, 100 Word Challenge. Remember, you need a blog to do this.

Mind you, this could be something that a class or stage set up to do "in house". You could pick your own topic, relevant to what you are doing in class. Use a picture or statement to inspire their writing. Students could still comment on each others writing.