Ancient Samurai

The Early Millitary of Japan

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What's the Samurai?

The samurai was the millitary nobility of medival and early-modern Japan. Samurai also means "the one who serves". In Japan samurai was taught martial arts and other arts too. For example samurai dont just fight they also paint and draw and also wright poetry. Even though samurai was highly respected they were numbered 10% of Japans population. Hey, did you know that if you wanted to be a samurai you couldn't just say "I did the training so Im a samura". The only way to become a samurai is to 1st: do the training, 2nd: you have to also do the bushido oath (code) (the 7 virtues of the samurai).

The Bushido Code

The Bushido Code is an oath that samurai's have to promise to be loyal and to be expected to do the samurai ways. The word Bushido means "the way of the warrior". There are 7 verses in the oath..... Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, and Loyalty. In the Bushido Code many people believe there were only 7 verses in the Bushido Code, but many other people believe there are 8 verses in the Bushido Code.
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How do the Samurai Dress?

Samurai's dress differently depending on what event is going on.

Battle: In battle samurai's wear heavy helmets and their hair is straight on the sides. They had swords that was there weapon and a lot of other weapons too.

Every Day: In their everyday life samurais wear kimonos that have an outer layer and an inner layer. Samurais also wear their hair in a bun.

A Little History For You

A great leader named Minamoto Yoritomo went through great lengths to establish samurai privilege statuses. In other one could call themselves a samurai without his permission. Also did you know that a samurai's sword was very important. In fact, during the Kamakura Period the sword had great significance because it was said that a man's honor rest in his sword. So could you imagine if you didn't have a sword. That's just karma.