What children need to know about social networks


This flyer is about social networks and cyberbullying ! It created for children and teenagers, to know dangers of internet and what not to do on social networks. Because this generation like to be on Internet. Facebook, Twitter and others are become activities for all teenagers ! They are advantages but don't forgot they are also disadvantages...


Cyberbullying is when a person is stalk or humiliated on Internet. The harasser may be a boy or a girl, and all of ages. Cyberbullying can lead a serious consequences !

Interview of a victim of cyberbullying

-Hello, how are you?

-Hi, I'm fine thank you !

-You are a victim about cyberbullying, it's right?

-Absolutely, there are 3 months ago, a harasser humiliated me on Internet everyday, I didn't know what I do ! After 4 weeks of his threat, I went see the police and they can find the harasser thanks to Internet.

-It's horrible, and now how feel good or not?

-Yes, now I'm feel better ! And I know the harraser arrested and I'm happy !

-Ok, It's good !

-I would like say a last think at every teenagers who go on social networks, beware of facebook, twitter and all this social networks please !

-Yes, of course. It's very dangerous ! Thank you for this interview, and good continuation bye.

-Thank you, bye !

Some percentages

  • 1 in 5 teens have been cyberbullied
  • 62% of 8-17 years old have been cyberbullied
  • More of 87% of 12-17 years old are online

Social Networks are good because we can chat with our friends, post videos, pictures and storys. We can also find old friends or keep contact with friends who live far, and sometimes it's easier to say a difficult things. So if we not addicted, it's a good means of communication.

But sometimes, it can became a real threat. It must be vigilant and not do anything ! Some teenagers spent them free time on social networks and became addictive about that. They not prevent communication if they not addicted, so it must keep a good pastime for all teenagers ! So, beware of social networks and don't be mean between you. Some people have an e-personality, it's a personality we have on Internet. And they are different of real life, it's weird but it's like that!

Social networks might be better if we hadn't all victim ! So, be careful but have fun all the same guys !

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