Mustang Ford Library News

2nd Six Weeks

Bright Summer Reader Celebration

Our 2016-2017 Bright Summer Readers Book Camp was a full success! Our students were treated to a memorable night. Following that event during the week our students got to enjoy donuts, cookies, and juice in the library to celebrate their summer reading achievements. Thank you all students who read during the summer! Thank you parents who continue to motivate our students to continue to read.

A Special Shout Out to our magnificent Library Department-Mrs. Nora Galvan & Melissa Jimenez thank you ladies for all you do!

Family Literacy Night

Students were able to come to the library on October 5, 2016 after school from 3:25-4:30. Parents and students read and were given the opportunity to AR test the books they read. We had a great turn out and students were motivated to meet their AR Goals. Way to go Mustangs our "Family Literacy Night" was a great success!

Our Principal Is Reading!

Our principal was challenged to take a little time off her hectic schedule and go visit classrooms to read to our students. Well, she accepted the challenge to read to our students. She has been truly enjoying going to visit classrooms and read to our students. This month the book she is reading is "Click Clack Boo" by Doreen Cronin . The students have enjoyed having the principal in their classrooms and are asking when will she be going again. Way to go Mrs. Salinas you are one SUPERB Principal!

Self Check Out & My Darling Library Helpers

I've been trying to enable our students to be more self-independent in the library and with that in mind, they are starting to learn to self-checkout their books. I also have some darling library helpers who gladly come in and help me sort and shelve some books so that our library can continue to run smoothly. Thank you to all these wonderful students who love to help.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our students & parents enjoyed the book fair. We had a great turn out and I want to thank everyone that contributed. Thank you staff and administration who worked collaboratively with me to make this event be a successful one. Thank you!

Donors Choose

Thanks to our Donors donations our students are starting to enjoy different things in the library. They are able to learn while working collaboratively. Students from PK-1st grade got to build creative neat objects while working together with the foam blocks. Students in 3rd-5th are also enjoying building the National Geographic Laser Pegs. It's similar to Legos, but the builder strategically places the light-up bricks to get maximum light up effect. Ozobots & the makey makey are next! Thank you, Donors for contributing to Henry Ford Elementary students.

Congratulations to the TOP 1st Six Weeks-AR Classes!

1st Grade-Mrs. Enriquez

2nd Grade-Mrs. C. Rodriguez

3rd Grade-Mrs. Farias

4th Grade-Mrs. Montelongo

5th Grade-Mr. J. Martinez

You guys rock and let's continue to strive to be number #1!

PSJA Reading Laureate Program

"The YOU in Reading"

High School Degree = 100,000 words (1st Grade)

Associates Degree = 250,000 words (2nd Grade)

Bachelors Degree = 500,000 words (3rd - 5th Grade)

Masters Degree = 1,000,000 words (3rd - 5th Grade)

Doctorates Degree = 2,000,000 words (Recognition T-Shirt given by District)

Degrees will be presented during morning assembly after each six weeks. To be eligible for the end of year Reading Laureate celebration students at each grade level must reach a specific level. See above for the grade level in parenthesis (). Students must have a minimum average of 85% to be recognized by the school, and a 90% minimum average to be recognized by the district.

If any questions please visit the library for more information!

More Exciting Things Happening in Our Library!

We've had a very busy month at the library. Please enjoy the videos!

Our first video demonstrates some of our book character decorated pumpkins. We had over 71 pumpkins and every single student received a goody bag, plus our 3 winners received a very nice incentive as well.

Second video shows the awesome fun that our students had during the READ in Peace at the library. They truly enjoyed this extraordinary treat. Thank you all for your participation and collaboration with the library. Together we can make a difference!
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