JAN. 8, 2016


MAPS testing for literacy will be on Monday and Tuesday for Top Gun. Please have your child get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast. In class we will continue to write opinion essays with introduction, body with supporting detail and transition words, and finally a conclusion with varied transition words. We are also focusing on Main Idea in reading. The first reading log for 3rd quarter is due Monday.

Math/ Bainbridge

We will be working on division strategies, explaining the patterns in the quotient when dividing by powers of 10, and writing simple expression. We will be doing MAPS testing the week of January 11-14. Moby Max minutes will increase during the third quarter to 45 minutes weekly and we will continue to have homework Monday through Thursday night

Math /Holt

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break! In math we continue our work with fractions. We are dividing and multiplying fractions through our equal share and multiple groups problems. They are showing their understanding of fractions with pictures, number sentences and words.

Our MAPS math testing will be Jan. 13th and 14th.

Remind your child that they are required to do 20 minutes of Moby Max each week. I would like 100% of my students completing their Moby Max and also their daily homework. Their log on information is in their agenda. The school code is AR1353. The cut off is Sunday night. I have to count Monday for the current week. If they do not have time or access at home there are several times before school or during PE or recess that they can do it at school. They are responsible for taking advantage of these times. I do not know who needs to do it at school. Also, written homework is given Monday – Wednesday. It is a short review and doesn’t take them long to complete but I have some students not turning it in daily. I want all of my students to be successful and part of that will come from being responsible for assignments. Thank you for your help. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Social Studies

Happy New Year! In Social Studies we are having a unit on the thirteen original colonies. We will be comparing and contrasting the three colonial regions (New England, Middle, and Southern). We will be looking at cultural and economic similarities and differences in each region. We will be playing a memory game using index cards. The game will serve as their study guide. Each child will need to bring at least thirty index cards to class on Monday. Any extra cards would be greatly appreciated! We are also starting to use our online textbook on a regular basis. Each child on our team can now log in the book without a problem. I will make printed copies of the text to the kids who do not have computers at home. We also have started a novel study on Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen. I will be tying economic standards and lessons with this book. The kids will learn about the importance of saving and investing. We will take a closer look at the stock market and even check prices of certain stocks on a daily basis. It is a ton of fun!

New Date for Science Night

5th Grade Science Night

Exciting things are happening in 5th grade science!!!

This fall the Bentonville Parks and Recreation Department invited our 5th grade students to compete in a playground design competition. The playground components that are chosen will be built in Bentonville in 2016.

Our students have risen to the challenge! The students have been working in small teams and have created some amazing playground designs. This has been an exciting opportunity for our students to apply what they have learned about gravitational force and simple machines to real life experiences!

Please join us at A Slice of Bentonville! Here the students will have a chance to showcase their playgrounds for their peers, families and for the Bentonville Parks and Rec Department!

No dinner plan? Not a problem! Pizza, pie, and drinks will available for purchase. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted.

Proceeds will be used to purchase awards for the winning teams.

Pizza - $2/slice, Pie - $1/slice, and Drinks $1/each

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Thursday, January 14, from 5-6:30 pm at Fulbright Junior High

Fulbright 7th graders are wrapping up a lengthy PBL project that tied in with national internet safety month and a science fiction unit. Classes have created individual websites that inform about the various pros/cons of different types of technology from cell phones to video gaming, made parent brochures with QR codes with helpful hints for parents, and filmed public service announcement commercials which warn about different dangers/overuses of technology. The students will have all of this on display at a showcase in the Murry room from 5-6 pm.

Additionally, Officer Carlson and the Bentonville Police Department will be giving a presentation from 6-6:30 pm in the cafeteria on various issues related to teens and technology, specifically geared towards parents of tweens and teens. Topics will include things such as using parental controls, sexting and the law, dangerous apps that are currently popular, how to keep your kids safe, etc. This is a community-wide event and open to Bentonville parents.

Chess Club

All are welcome to attend our BFMS Chess Club, held the second Wednesday of every month from 2:45-3:30 in the library! Our next club meeting time is Wednesday, January 13th. Come join us, whether you are a professional chess player or would just like to learn to play! It is always a fun time! Please be sure to arrange pick-up times at 3:30. The Winter NWA Open Chess Tournament is fast approaching: February 27 at Sonora Middle School in Springdale, Arkansas. You must attend at least two BFMS Chess Club meetings in order to be eligible to represent our school at the tournament. For information, please email Angie Anders at .

Polar Plunge Team

Here is the link to our polar plunge page. Parents and students are welcome to join the plunging team. Please be sure to join on the team page.

Please feel free to share this link via emails, social medias…however, with whoever you can. Our goal is $2500 for this year. I know we can do it.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Orum

Library News

Library Volunteers: We are having difficulty keeping up with all of the books that need to be shelved in our library this year. Bright Field is full of readers!! While it’s a great problem to have, the library could definitely use some parent volunteers that are willing to help. Please email Kim Moss if you are available.

Holiday Clean Up: Our library is starting a Makerspace in January. When you are making room for all the new goodies from Santa, please consider donating to the library. We would love to add to our Lego collection. We could also use K’nex or Tinker toys as well as duct tape and craft supplies. For additional information on what a makerspace entails, please look here…

Weekly Happenings


Giving Tree Club room 202 @ 7:20 (Mr. Anderson & Coach Ralph)

Lunch Bunch Book Club Library during 6th grade lunch (Mrs. Moss)

Technology Club room 202 from 2:40-4:00 (Mr. Anderson)


FCA room 104 @ 7:20 (Mr. Knoble)


Sign Language Club room 209 during 6th grade lunch (Mrs. Patton)

Sign Language Club room 107 during 5th grade lunch (Mrs. Kewan)

Crazy 8’s Math Club room 201 5th grade 2:40 – 4:00 (Mrs. Holt)


Young Riders Equine Club gym @ 7:20 (Coach Holland)