Mill Road 3-5 News

March 2023

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Brian Boyd, Principal

Dear Parents and Families

February was another amazing month at Mll Road Elementary School. Thank you for your continued support and active engagement with your child's education. We celebrated Black History month with numerous read alouds, research projects and exploration. Students enjoyed learning through science, technology and engineering activities.

As we near the start of Spring, many exciting activities and events are happening at Mill Road Elementary School. Please read through the school newsletter for calendar updates and information.

This week we are starting our "March Multiplication Madness." Mrs. Dunn leads the charge as we encourage students to practice their math facts and chart their progress over three weeks. Special awards are given to classes that have the highest percentage and most growth over these next few weeks. Practice those multiplication facts!

Looking ahead, state testing begins next month. Students in grades 3,4 and 5 will take the NYS ELA Assessment on April 19th and 20th. Please have students to school on time these days and avoid scheduling doctor and dentist appointments, if possible.

Here's to a wonderful spring!

Picture Day!

Spring picture day is Friday, March 17th!

Garden News...

Even though Mardi Gras wasn't until February 21st, we started our month out with a good ol' fashioned crawfish boil! Well, less of a boil and more of a stream ecology game of deceit, alliances, and survival as students attempted to stay alive as crawfish, trout, or osprey. Students worked with or against their fellow species to find places to hide and hunt, hoping to find a tasty meal or avoid their predators. But all was not lost if you went hungry or were eaten, in fact you simply moved through the ecosystem, mimicking the natural flow of energy. Crawfish would become trout, and trout would become osprey when eaten, while both predators would join the ranks of the crawfish if they went hungry and died. It was an excellent demonstration of food cycles/webs all disguised as a fun game!

Next up was the extraordinary, enigmatic force of erosion! We explored how soil is made from rock and how water, wind, and ice move it downslope. Students were shown a stream diorama to demonstrate how roots, compacted soil, and clay change the amount of erosion and then were let loose to make their very own stream. Each team was given a blank canvas of soil to make their dream stream, as wide or skinny, deep or shallow, curvy or straight as they desired. Then, one by one, we poured different amounts of water (rain) on their streams to see how much and what type of erosion their stream experienced. It was a blast to see the variety of designs and creativity among all the budding stream architects!

In Mid-February we tapped Five large sugar maples in the front of the school and have been cooking it down into Mill Road Maple Syrup! We've be talking about the ancient art of maple tapping and what it takes to make delicious syrup as well as having a pancake party! Students have been trying our homemade syrup and enjoying freshly made pancakes (with gluten free options available).

Spring is fast approaching and for the second year in a row the Mill Road Garden will be partnering with Four Corners Community Farm for a May 6th festival and plant sale fundraiser! More information will be distributed soon in physical and virtual backpacks, but we encourage you to come and enjoy the festivities and get high quality plants for your home and garden!

The Mill Road Garden Website has been updated with all sorts of information, including more detailed lesson descriptions, volunteer opportunities, and school composting information!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in the garden send me an email at


- Our LOST & FOUND is still filled with sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters and more. Please have your child's last name on tags so that clothing can find it's way back and remind them to check the lost & found for items they might be missing!

- Our school theme of the month for of March is Friendship

- It can still be quite cold out so please remember to send in warm outdoor clothing for recess. We try to go outside as often as possible for recess. To play in the snow, boots, snow pants and gloves are needed. PTA has purchased sleds for some winter fun.

-Please remember to send in a note if your child has a change in their normal dismissal routine. Emails are to be used in an emergency with a phone call as a follow-up. We no longer accept verbal dismissal changes and the district does not allow single day bus changes. Students are permitted to ride the bus to a regularly scheduled sitter - busing to playdates is not allowed. When sending in a note please include your child's first and last name and exactly what they will be doing for dismissal. Thank you for your understanding.