Creasy Connection

September 27, 2015

Principal Passage...


In our sixth week of school, second ER day and first week of fall - making it happen!

Lesson plans for September are due this week on 9/30. More information on this below.

Lindsay and I will begin PDP conferences this week. Look for calendar appointments for us to complete this process. We will also begin 1st observations for those on full evaluation cycles which require a pre-conference. We will try to bundle the PDP and pre-conference in the same meeting where we can.

Thanks to the SIT team for deep thinking this week as we amend our SIP. We are making the edits and will share with the staff this coming week.

Lunch provided for this coming ER day is in the works. Will send details when I pin them all down.

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Lesson Plan Progress

Below is the support staff member that will be reviewing your lesson plans. The three of us will work diligently to calibrate on the process, expectations and feedback format. The goal of this process and review is to grow - all of us. Keep the learning mindset up front as we proceed.

Creasy - First, Fourth, Weeks, EC-all 4

Mikesell - Kindergarten, Fifth, Reed, Church

Stern - Second, Third, Harris, Chambers

A Note - in reviewing lesson plans already submitted, one point I did not identify is reference to differentiation. I know this is something you consider and make accommodations for some of your students. Include this in plans when appropriate.

Our timeline and submission format(s):

  • Let me know what your format of submission will be - paper copies, dropbox on Haiku (I will set it up), online sharing from link you send me with access.
  • Thursday, October 1st - the record of your September plans.
  • Friday, October 2nd - your next week's plan for the week of October 5th. You can offer plans beyond this date if you choose.
  • Submit weekly on Thursdays. While I know you have planning outlines beyond weekly details, if you are submitting by paper, a weekly review is the optimal interval to see details and adjustments made. Online users' adjustments and refinements will be reviewed weekly as well.

Here are the big four areas honed with your input this past week. Include in your planning documentation:

  • State clear goals that identify state standards. Goals can be in the form of essential questions, "I can" statements, purpose of the lesson.
  • Explore, model and demonstrate - teacher role, student engagement, activating strategies, key vocabulary, teaching strategies, etc.
  • Provide guided practice - what will they be doing, individual, paired, group, problem-based activities, skill questions, standardized testing questions, etc. How will they grow their developing pathways for acquiring this goal?
  • Check for understanding. How will you know they have acquiring the goal? Formative - pattern of teach / assess a little / repeat. Summative - summarizing strategies, reflection, testing, etc.

Lastly, as I have shared, this is a work in progress. We will, as you do in class everyday, assess for what is working and what needs refinement. You are dedicated professionals and I appreciate your ownership of this calibration of our work process.

September & some October

  • 9/28 CogAT testing week - look for info from Welsh
  • 9/28 Student Council Paragraphs Due to Office
  • 9/30 Coupon book sale ends for count toward prizes
  • 9/30 Student Council Primaries in classrooms
  • 9/30 Early Release Day #2
  • 10/2 Super Spirit Day
  • 10/6 BOY Dibels/TRC window closes EXTENDED
  • 10/7 PTA Board Mtg 1:00
  • 10/7 Staff Meeting
  • 10/8 Student Council Posters / Speeches Due
  • 10/10 Unity Day - Bully Prevention 8 am
  • 10/12 Student Council Speeches - 8:15 am
  • 10/13 Progress Reports
  • 10/14 Early Release Day #3
  • 10/14 Fall Fest Raffle Kick-off Assembly

A few more items...

  • Tuesday, 9/29 a Boy Scout leader will be at our lunches offering an invite to a scouting night opportunity on 10/1. He will sit at a table and hand boys a flyer if they are interested on their way out of the cafeteria. Other schools have done it - let's see how it goes.
  • Please copy me on your classroom newsletters either via email or on paper. This should be at least bi-weekly or weekly if you wish.
  • Planning Days - look for email with this calendar in a day or two.