CATEC Newsletter

November 2020

2020-2021 School Year Information

CATEC wants to make sure you stay informed about the most important information regarding our 2020-2021 school year. Please visit our Website, download our free CATEC, VA app wherever you get your apps, or follow us on Facebook (@CATECHighSchool ),Twitter (@CATEChs), and Instagram (@catechighschool). We have published a "Frequently Asked Questions" page regarding our safety protocols for in-person instruction that begins December 7th. CBS19 recently highlighted CATEC's plans for students' return to the building as well.

Director's Message

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! As we wrap up November, I am impressed by the efforts of our students and teachers and look forward to seeing our students in the building beginning the week of December 7th.

We sent out a mailing to high school students last week. Each student received a large envelop to include a CATEC COVID-19 Screening Tool and a Reopening Information Letter, which includes personalized information, the student’s class day, the student’s entrance point into the building, and the student’s means of transportation to school.

Student who have not yet completed and returned the Beginning of the Year information were provided a physical copy to complete along with an important Director’s Message stating: “This MUST be completed before students can work in the lab. Please fill out and return to CATEC. Students may return it on their first day of class. Please call CATEC at (434) 973-4461 with questions or concerns.” Students who do not submit this Beginning of Year form may not be allowed to complete labs.

Our teachers, staff, Assistant Principal Mr. Smith, and I are very much looking forward to having students back in our building safely. We have spent countless hours focusing on mitigation strategies, making the safety of everyone in our community a top priority. Please continue to monitor your email, our Website, and social media for updates as information evolves.


Stephanie Carter

Important Form:

Beginning of the Year Form

School Counseling

The School Counseling Office is located in the Career and Counseling Office. Students who qualify for dual enrollment credit through one of our local community college partners, please remember to apply to your community college and have permission slips turned it to Ms. Wilson. Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Career Development & Workplace Readiness

In Career Development this month, students continued learning about today's workplace by looking at which generations of adults are working, what thoughts and behaviors affect the diverse workforce, and what role students play in that diversity.

This month, programs focused on the following VA Workplace Readiness Skills: #4 Integrity and #10 Teamwork.

Automotive Body Repair

In November, students studied dent repair. They learned the science of metal forming and repair. and explored metal straightening tools and techniques for dent repair, how to mix/apply, and sand body filler. They have been completing individual hands-on projects as well. Each student has earned 2 industry certificates in Tools and Equipment, a total of 3 certifications to-date. Next month, they will be learning the tools and techniques to apply to hands-on application. Please remember to ring tool kits back on first day of return to face-to face-instruction.

Building Trades

In November, students worked through Career Safe curriculum in order to prepare to take their Career Safe Final Assessment to earn their OSHA-10 Card. When students get their OSHA-10 Card, they will have achieved an industry credential. Students need to pick up their student tool kits. Mr. Trimmer is looking forward to students coming into the building in December.

Cosmetology I and II

Cosmetology students spent November practicing performing a permanent wave, chemical relaxing, foiling, predisposition test, and strand test. Mrs. Brown and Ms. Waller look forward to seeing their students in-person in December. Please remember to bring tool kits and equipment with you when you come into the building.

Culinary Arts I and II

This month, students learned about how food cooks, culinary measurements, and kitchen equipment. The CATEC kitchen was up and running for first time in 8 months, with Chefs Rizzo and Davis making soup and cookies for the staff. Culinary Arts I students will focus on knive skills and Culinary Arts 2 students will focus on vegetables when students return in December.


In November, students worked through Career Safe curriculum in order to prepare to take their Career Safe Final Assessment to earn their OSHA-10 Card. When students get their OSHA-10 Card, they will have achieved an industry credential. Students need to pick up their student tool kits. Mr. Trimmer is looking forward to students coming into the building in December.

Emergency Medical Technician

In November, students learned a few skills using the toolkits CATEC provided. They filmed themselves performing skills such as splinting, applying a sling, and measuring blood pressure and pulse rates. The skills they are doing currently will support them in coming back to the classroom in early December. EMT students are also currently working on completing independent study courses through FEMA, which provides them with credentials through that agency to add to their resumes. A reminder to students that the Return to CATEC videos must be viewed, and Skills Lab Policy must be signed and submitted on Schoology before they will be permitted to participate in skills labs.

Fire Science

Fire Science students are working hard on blended learning for Firefighter 1. Each week on Wednesday, students do an Emergency Incident Critique, which could include a residential fire to a high rise fire, and more. They are preparing for practical skills that they will be tested on in December. On November 23 and 24, students did the online portion of CPR and Basic First Aid. On a later date, they will be tested on certain skills for final certification. Once completed, they will receive 2 dual-enrollment college credits from PVCC. As students re-enter CATEC in December, it is important each day that they bring their computers or a device on which they could do online classroom work. On December 7 and 8, students participating in Skills Training for Firefighter 1 will be issued Personal Protective Equipment. Students need to bring a change of clothes or a shirt that they could change into after doing training. Students should review their skills each week before arriving to CATEC. Captain Elliott looks forward to having each student at CATEC and performing skills to prepare for State Testing.

Nurse Assistant

Nurse Assistant students focused on learning how to measure vitals signs (temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure) this month. This also included studying the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They practiced taking their own radial and apical pulses together on Zoom, listened to recordings of Korotkoff sounds while watching a sphygmomanometer on video to learn about blood pressure, and they were given the opportunity to earn extra credit by creating study resources about the circulatory system. Mrs. Manglicmot is looking forward to having students back into the classroom so that they can practice hands-on skills. In December, they will use lab time to focus on accurate measurement of vital signs and then move on to bed making and unit care. Don't forget to bring laptops and toolkits (stethoscope, BP cuff, and isolation gown) to class each week. Every student must submit the Beginning of the Year form to CATEC before they can join us in person.

Veterinary Science

In November, students fleshed out their pasta skeletons with clay muscles, learned how to assess their pet's cranial nerves, and practiced the SOAP format of medical records with a case study about the neurological disease, myasthenia gravis. In December, students will be dissecting a sheep brain! Cardiovascular and respiratory units are next, where the class will dissect a heart, create a prosthetic limb for practicing blood draws, make a model of the lungs, and practice making blood smears for microscopic examination of blood cells.

Academic Courses: English 11, English 12/Government, & Personal Finance/Economics

English 11 students practiced determining the purpose of information they see online and also identifying the claim in Unit 2. They then practiced deciding if there was enough evidence to support the claim and if the source was reliable or not. These are all important skills in our digital world. Students created a Pandemic Mini-Podcast that focused on some aspect of their lives over the last 7 months. Students made podcasts about topics ranging from favorite Netflix shows to working retail in a pandemic to helping take care of their families. In Unit 3 students will be starting a class blog and YouTube channel where they can document the Cosmetology skills they are learning and share their passion for Cosmetology.

English 12/Government students learned all about the election process in the U.S. in Unit 2. They also focused heavily on evaluating bias in the media (especially with the election happening). Students practiced finding different types of bias in print and video. Students completed the KQED Youth Media Challenge, which asked them to create an argument around an issue that affects them. They could share that argument in a podcast, selfie video, or narrated slideshow. Students are encouraged to submit their final product to the challenge. In December, students will start unit 3, which will focus on the judicial branch and the Supreme Court of the US.

Personal Finance/Economics students demonstrated how to determine and set a personal budget, how to create long and short term SMART financial goals, and how to select and manage a checking account. They discussed "the checker gets what the checker checks" concept in that you have to frequently check your accounts so you know what money is there and you don't overspend, thus avoiding those pesky overdraft fees. In December, students will review savings accounts as one financial vehicle to make students money "work for them" by earning interest. One of the savings concepts they will discuss is to always "pay yourself first" by allocating a portion of your paycheck to a savings account that you deem "off limits."

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs

CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs have successfully run online and in-person classes for the Fall semester for nearly 300 students. The program has published its Spring Catalog on its website and is now registering students and accepting scholarship applications.

Visit or call us at 434-973-4461 for inquiries.