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Brian Robeson, a 13 year old boy from New York, boards a plane from Hampton, New York to the north woods of Canada to visit his father. when all the sudden things take a turn for the worse and he is all alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but a hatchet and the will survive.


Brian Robeson

Brain's Father

Brain's Mother

Terry- Brian's good friend back in New York

Jim- the pilot of the Cessna plane

The man with the short blonde hair- Brian's mother's Boyfriend

Mr. Perpich-Brian's old English Teacher

Uncle Carter-Brian's Uncle

Character Analysis for Brian Robeson

Brian is a Dynamic character, because he demonstrates anger toward what he is trying to get done and vulnerability to the world out there. Over time he begins to adopt qualities to survive alone in the world without any thing but his mind and a hatchet. Over time he begins to connect mind and body to complete the final task. At the beginning of the book he does not show a whole lot of maturity and manhood, but over time he becomes more mature in the ways he thinks about everything he is about to do.


He started ripping the bark, using his fingernails at first, and when that didn't work he used the sharp edge of the hatchet, cutting the bark in thin slivers, hairs so fine they were almost not there. It was painstaking work, slow work, and he stayed with it for over two hours. Twice he stopped for a handful of berries and once to go to the lake for a drink. Then back to work, the sun on his back, until at last he had a ball of fluff as big as a grapefruit—dry birchbark fluff.

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The theme in the book is Man Vs. nature. Brian's intery to manhood.

Important Event

It was normal day outside and Brian was boding the Cessna to fly to the Canadian woods to visit his father. The plane takes off with Jim behind the controls ready to get this trip over as he brushes off the pain in his shoulder thinking it's from something he had done prior to the trip. half way into the flight Jim has more pain than before then he has a stroke.


I would recomend this book to any guy from ages 12-14 years of age. If they enjoy adventure and suspense. the book is a quick read that is not packed full of detail.