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"The Power of A Well Thought Out Marketing Plan"

Installing & Using Applications & Extensions In Chrome

Using Web Apps & Extensions in the Chrome Browser | Portia Chandler


Please go to the chrome Web Store in your "Chrome Browser"

This week you will learn to install extensions and web applications that simplify your workspace. Below you can see a screenshot of where your web applications and browser extensions that you have installed can be found. You can get to the Chrome Web Store by entering this into your web browser. https://chrome.google.com/webstore

Please Search & Install:

  1. "Screen Capture (by Google)" in the Chrome Web Store | Extension
  2. "AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new)" in the Chrome Web Store | Extension
  3. "Timeline Cover Photo Maker" in the Chrome Web Store | Web Application

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Register for: Creating A Marketing Plan & Budget

Learn how to create an effective Marketing Plan & Budget for your business. It's time to get busy creating valuable content for your target market. Learn how to get things done on several different budgets

Why Creating A Marketing Plan & Budget Is Important For Your Business

Planning Forces You To Think Through The Details In Advance

Developing a great marketing plan requires a lot of intellectual energy to think through what you’re going to do in the next

Planning Makes Your Business/Organization Translucent

When you develop your plan, you are in essence announcing to the world what, when, and how you’re going to run and operate your business.

Planning Gives the Go Ahead

The plan is the essential element in giving you the power to be productive.

Planning Creates Structure

You become committed to executing the information and strategies that are contained within the plan

How Do I Learn Best?

What Is Your Learning Style? (Click Here to find Out) Now that you’ve learned more about your own learning style, are there some things you might consider doing to expand on your other styles? If so, what steps might you take to do this?

Have You Reserved Your Group Strategy Session?

March 24th starts our group strategy sessions, if you replied to our message in Chatter we have a good idea of what times & days will work for you. Below is a rough draft of the group schedules. If you are not listed either you did not respond or none of your days & times you suggested were a go with Portia's non-flexible schedule.

If you click the image you can see that there are open areas still available.

If you would like one of those slots please reply in Chatter with the day & time.

If the time you have been added to will not work for you, please also reply in your personal Chatter group so we can find a better time for you.

Remember these are weekly sessions online aimed to get up close & personal with your specific business & help give you more specific direction & suggestions.

We will continue to have a weekly "Agenda" & or "Suggestive Outline" to follow along so don't start worrying. #Smiles

On the day & time of your session you will type: https://meetings.io/askportia

in to your web browser & follow the on screen directions.

All this week, I will post this link in the water cooler on Facebook so that you can join an open session. This will allow you to get comfortable with the platform before you have to use it on your 1st session.

Feel free to jump as often as you can, so that you are ready for your sessions.

They will be timed & specific.