STAR Staff Newsletter

Week of March 23 -27, 2015 Vol. 27


Life Principle Word for this Week:


Focus on Expectation #1 - "We will value one another as unique and special individuals."

Although we are not meeting each week for Rise & Shine, the expectation is that you review the Life Principle and the Expectation during your morning meetings.

Monday, 3/23

  • Charlie Out - Personal
  • Welcome Back, Amanda!
  • Violin group performs @ district

Tuesday, 3/24

  • Amy @ Instructional Rounds
  • 2nd Grade to Perot Museum
  • Transfer Fair - 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, 3/25

  • Spring Pictures
  • Embedded Professional Development w/all grades + co-curr - Round 1 STAAR Training
  • After school training for some (see Charlie's message below)

Thursday, 3/26

  • SIT Meetings
  • TELPAS Rating
  • Faculty Meeting - STAAR Module training

Friday, 3/27

  • Meet, only if you need to
Saturday, 3/28
  • Diabetes Walk @ KISD Stadium
  • Allison Montague recognized @ the Rangers Ballpark pre-game
Friendly reminder - All grade levels should meet on Mondays to go over the newsletter and the events upcoming for the week. Take notes and attendance in the Meeting of the Minds document. If you have any questions, type them in there and I will do my best to answer them by Monday.

Review afternoon dismissal procedures with your teams. Students have too much time to get from one place to another at the end of the day. There is a lot of "stopping in and visiting other teachers", etc. Perhaps work with your team so that one person can be in charge of siblings, etc.

LOVE seeing the student work in the hallway!

Thanks to those who worked movie night! :o) Stop by Michelle's office to pick up a jeans pass!

Early resignation stipends have been extended through this work week. If you anticipate retiring, moving, relocating, etc., if your resignation is received by Friday, you will be able to receive the $750 stipend.

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From the Assistant Principal:

STAAR Training Round 1- March 25th for Writing STAAR March 30th-31st- All Staff Members must be trained

-Classroom teachers, ISTs, CoCurr teachers, Please meet me in the data room during your conference times. Training will occur through Embedded Professional Development.

-Resource, Dyslexia (Monolingual-Bilingual), Speech, GT, Front Office Staff, Nurse, Instructional Coach, 3rd Grade tutors, STACC, STACC Paras., ESL Teacher, Diagnostician, will be trained in the library at 3:30 pm.

-Due to all the training components that are involved with STAAR, an additional day for training is needed. All staff members must be present at next Thursday’s staff meeting. Next Thursday, our training will be focused on the viewing of the STAAR modules. Small group test administrators will need to stay after the module training for the additional small group training.

Small Group test admin. for Writing

  • Cheryl Wallace
  • Cindy Jalovec
  • Ms. Reyes
  • Barb Vail
  • Closhell Sneed
  • April Buckner (Back up in case any of the above small group test admin. are absent)

Classroom and Hallways covered:

Please make sure to cover your hallways and classrooms by the end of the day Weds. , March 25th. Amy and I will conduct our walk-throughs on Thursday, March 26th and Friday, March 27th of next week. The campus must be test ready by next Friday, since we are testing Writing Day 1 on Monday, March 30th. Small group test administrators, assure your halls and classrooms are covered as-well (Ms. Reyes/April, Cheryl, Cindy, Barb V., Araceli Lira-Oliver, LaChandra

What hallways need to be covered?

  • 4th Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • Kinder
  • 2nd Grade
  • Main Hall - Amy will cover :o)


Teachers, please send your students on time to CoCurr. CoCurr are classes that students must attend. Students should not stay in class to catch up on work. Please make sure that you send your students on time. We still had some lingering students this week. It is important that your students attend classes on time. Please assure your students are receiving the appropriate CoCurrr minutes.

RTI/SIT Calendar

-March 16th Last day for Referral

-March 19th Parent conference

-March 24th Email intervention logs to assigned IST/ESA

-March 26th SIT Meeting


Rating of TELPAS students will occur on Thursday, March 26th during your conference time in Araceli’s room. Students must be rated by then. If you need support, please visit Araceli Lira-Oliver. 2-4 grade Bilingual teachers, due to your numbers, half-day subs. have been provided for you.

**Any questions about this section should be included in the Meeting of the Minds document and addressed to Mr. Rodriguez.

From your Instructional Coach

Take a look at the video below on Spelling Patterns.

**Any questions about this section should be included in the Meeting of the Minds document and addressed to Ms. Hill.

Spelling Patterns

From the Counselor:

Take a look at the Ted Talk video below.

**Any questions about this section should be included in the Meeting of the Minds document and addressed to Mrs. Smythe.

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

Happy Birthday!

3/27 - Happy Birthday, Debbie Weldon!