The Federalist Gazette

Powers Under the Constitution

The Constitution strategically distributes powers throughout the three branches of government. While it gives the federal government certain powers, it limits them so that there will not be abuse of this control. The separation of powers and the system of checks and balances allow each of the three branches to maintain control over one another and to prevent the central government from taking advantage of the people. The legislative branch can make laws, the executive branch can veto laws, and the judicial branch can determine whether or not a law is constitutional. Overall, the Constitution is very successful in dividing control throughout the branches of the government and the people of our country. Therefore, we should support it in order to prevent anyone from gaining too much power.

Why Federal Taxing is Important

The states have once again refused to come together and pay taxes in order to create a more successful country. We need to collect money from everyone in order to grow financially as a whole. With no federal taxing, we are unable to improve. It takes cooperation from all thirteen states, which is nearly impossible to acquire. By giving the federal government the power to tax, we can grow financially due to international trade. Also, this will allow the federal government to make changes that can benefit the whole country. We need your help to make federal taxing legal! Support the Constitution!

A Strong Federal Government is Vital to Our Country

Without a strong federal government, the states can do whatever they want. We need to be united as a whole rather than be turned into thirteen small countries. It is important that we have certain regulations in place for everyone. States are beginning to split apart by developing their own currencies, laws, and taxes. This should be up to the federal government so that we do not fall apart. Because the Constitution supports a strong federal government, we must support the Constitution.

If We Ratify the Constitution

If we ratify the Constitution, our country will grow significantly. The Bill of Rights will help us to avoid immoral behavior. The separation of church and state will ensure freedom of religion. The separation of powers and the system of checks and balances will prevent the federal government from gaining too much power. The Constitution is carefully written to protect the country and it's people, and we should take advantage of this opportunity.

If We Do Not Ratify the Constitution

If we do not ratify the Constitution, our country will go to chaos. Certain laws included in the Bill of Rights will not be enforced. The states will crash economically due to the other states' lack of support for them. Exchange will become increasingly difficult due to changing currencies, and many freedoms will not be ensured. While it is important to avoid giving the central government too much power, it is also important to give it some power. Allowing the states to take control of themselves will ultimately lead to chaos and self destruction due to their lack of concern for one another.

Why Should We Support the Consitution?

We should support the Constitution because without it, our country will turn to chaos and we will eventually self destruct. The Constitution sets rules and regulations in place, while allowing the federal government to have just enough control to keep our country going. It protects the people, the states, and minorites. It gives us freedoms that we have not always had in the past, and it has certain systems to ensure that no one gains too much power over anyone else. It is difficult to amend, which means that a lot of thought will have to go into these amendments. However, it is not impossible to amend, as it would be if it took every state to agree in order to make a change. The Constitution is necessary for protection and order. Therefore, we should all support it and encourage others to do so as well.