Ain't I A Woman

Sojourner Truth

A brief Summary:

Sojourner Truth acknowledges the battle women have of constantly being belittled, because men say that women aren't able to or that they can't and she states no more. She shows her feminism and stands up and speaks on behalf of the many women who struggle to speak for themselves. She says we can do anything that men can do and maybe even better. And "Ain't I A Woman."

Women's Convention

Thursday, May 29th 1851 at 5:30pm

Akron, OH, United States

Akron, OH

The Feminist Herself

Sojourner Truth is a feminist who stands up to stop racial belittling to women. She's known for her incredible "Ain't I A Woman." speech. Since she was born her empowering words for women has made her very popular and widely known. Her words still live on even after her death in 1883