My Favorite Vacation

Spring Break 2012, Washington D.C


Please pick a song to listen to while reading my long paper! It is all wordless. Except for Shatter Me. But it is good anyway.


A couple of months before I turned 10 years old, my grandparent took me to Washington D.C. as a birthday trip. Little did I know, this would turn out to be the best vacation ever!

Unaccompanied Minor!

It all stated when I was an unaccompanied minor on the plane. It was very, very cool!

International Spy Museum

On the first day in D.C., we went to the International Spy Museum! We went through a million spy exhibits, and I leaned all about spy history. One of the exhibits was specifically about James Bond! There were all sorts of interactive active activities, but none more awesome than the Interactive Spy Mission! We went through a simulated real life spy mission! I was the youngest one there, so the adults let me do most of the big stuff. When we came out into the huge shop, I was almost overwhelmed. They had everything a spy could ever need, including a briefcase grill! On a side trip to the hotel, we stopped by the theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. I was very interesting and somewhat creepy to be there.

Library of Congress

On my final day, we all went to the National Library.I don't remember much, but I made it a favorite because of all the... BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!!

Krispy Kreme

The next day, my grandparents and me were walking around and sightseeing, when we came out of the subway to find a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop right across the street! I had not seen something so amazing since San Antonio..3 years ago! I impatiently waited for the crosswalk sign to turn green, and when it did, I was the first one across the street! I rushed into the warm shop,(it was cold outside) and breathed in the warm smell. I remember gazing into the glazed doughnut rail, and never feeling so happy to see a doughnut! Ironically, it was free doughnut day. We all got a free doughnut and a hat, and my pop got us a dozen more to take back to the hotel!

Bye bye now!

To conclude my vacation, we all had a silly time on the plane ride home, and I had the best vacation ever!