The Taiga

inhabitat ?


not many plants can live in the cold of Taiga winters , but three types of plants that can are White Spruce , pine, and Douglas fir .
as you can see the only trees that can survive in the Taiga are trees with needles


most animals that can survive in the Taiga -can live through the cold winters , like the Taigas plants ! three types of animals are squirrels ,ermines , and elk.

the food chain

now of course I couldn't forget to include one of these

just a example of one of the food chains in the taiga biome


did I forget to mention that the Taiga biome is located in the northern hemisphere of the artic circle well sorry but now you know ..

so don't be surprised by these temperatures

Average temperature : 32 degrees

summer temperature : 50 degrees

winter temperature : under 26.6 degrees

highest temperature: 104 degrees

woah !

the Taiga is DEFINITELY no place for us humans ..


as you know winters are very cold but not only that , they go on for six months ! summers are quick ,wet, and warm . springs are the same , and Fall is the shortest season of them all !
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