My Favorite Dessert - Cathy Riley

It seems Greek to me!

This famous Greek dessert describes who I am. I do not have any Greek ancestory, a lot of what I learn initially seems very Greek. The idiom - "it seems Greek to me" is when you don't know what a word means and you guess that it is Greek because most words relate all the way back to Greece. As a lifelong learner I like to be able to find answers to questions or concepts so therefore I am always learning. In the words of the famous Greek philospher, Pythagoras, I like to "choose what seems best, however rough it may be." Selecting Baklava as a dessert, there is a balance in working with the 3 main parts - the filling, syrup, and phlyo dough. It can be a challenge forming the right mix and consistency. If there is too much filling, and not enough syrup to hold the ingredients together, the baklava can fall apart and become a mess. Working with the layers of phyllo dough is tricky, because it is very thin, and can break easily. One can't take the phyllo dough for granted as it is an ingredient that is not always available. My similarities are that I try to balance my time between students and colleagues, friends and family. The students and colleagues are my filling, my friends are the syrup and my family is the layers that guide me on my values and decisions in what I like to do.

Lots of Calories - Rich tasting - Can Never have enough

Baking requires Time

The final step is to bake the Baklava. For it to be golden brown, time is involved. One must learn to balance the temperature and the time, to produce this final product. I have always thought that time is precious, and you must watch it carefully and wisely. If you spend too much time on something, you can get burned! When baking the baklava, be careful that your oven is not too hot, and that you have spent just the right amount of time in the oven. If you do this, your results will be golden!

Pythagoras was Greek! A little bit about me -

The only Greek connection I have, is that I like math! I am an Interrelated Resource Teacher at Haynes Bridge Middles School. I am the department chair for Special Education. I co - teach 8th Grade Math and a resource class. I also co teach 8th grade Physical Science. I am married to a nut, Kevin, and our three children fill me with Love along with our two dogs. I enjoy the outdoors, both the heat and the cold. Like the phyllo dough in baklava, I have experienced many layers of education, but it relates to my family. My mother was a school nurse, and my father a chemist. I have three "rich" brothers. One named Rich, one lived in Rich-mond, and one is Rich!