Williamston Primary Newsletter

Dates, Devices, announcements, and a Video from EJ Hayes

WPS Dates and Reminders

May 31, 2021 -- Memorial Day Holiday, No School for students or staff

June 1, 2021 -- 2nd graders visit EJ Hayes at 1:00pm

June 2, 2021 -- Last day of Pre-Kindergarten

June 3, 2021 -- Early Release day, Last day of school for K, 1, and 2

June 3, 2021 -- All devices and hotspots are due back to school by this date

June 3, 2021 -- All medication needs to be picked up from the school by an authorized person

June 10-25, 2021 -- Summer School at EJ Hayes

July 7-30, 2021 -- Summer School at EJ Hayes

Devices and Hotspots

Devices and Hotspots must be returned to school by June 3, 2021. Face to face students can start to bring them back anytime now. Virtual students can wait until the last day of school. Please make sure that you return power cords as well. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks in advance!

Summer School Reminder

If your child is signed up for summer school, they received a paper from WPS yesterday. This is a clarifying sheet to make sure that we are certain about transportation and the boys and girls club. Please return it to the school as soon as possible. Thanks...

Video for 2nd grade students as they transition to 3rd grade and EJ Hayes

3rd grade panel