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Christmas Break

There are pros and cons to Christmas Break. I am sure you are all thinking and planning what to do during all that time. I happen to have a suggestion. READ!!!!

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Web sites/Activities for Reading

Here are some links that provide books and activities for reading. I am also including a reading log to record books and minutes read each day. I understand that there will be days that you feel you can not get to it and I understand. If the children read everyday, TERRIFIC! If not, I understand because it is the holidays.

Reading Log:

Winter Pop-up Library
Free Books on-line for a limited time and the sites contains some popular titles/authors.

To register for the limited time of a free trial:

(Books can be selected by grade or by Lexile. Lexile is a number given to the book. It takes into consideration the number and difficulty of words within the book. An early reader may start at 10 and a fifth grader may be at the Lexile of 600.)

I also may include an activity on the student blog. If so, I will send that to you through your email.
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