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Christmas 2013


Deck the halls with Christmas books! We are getting in the festive mood and bringing out all our traditional Christmas tales as well as some contemporary stories in the Library (scroll down for our favourites...).

It is going to be an extra special Christmas for Mrs Rodwell who is expecting her baby on the 25th! We've had to say adieu for a little while and we are already missing her in the Library. But a very warm welcome to Mrs Brennan who will be helping out 3 days a week and has settled in so well.

Wherever you may be - in Hong Kong or further afield - we hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Calling all budding writers and aspiring artists! We are looking for entries from Peak School for all age categories in this year's Young Writer's Award. The theme this year is: 'Tales from the Gobi Desert'. Non-fiction, fiction, poetry and cover art are all welcome. We will have a student meeting in the Library on Monday 16th December and kids should come with a piece of writing or artwork that they have started. We will offer workshops to edit pieces over the next few weeks so we can meet the entry deadline of 28th January 2014. Lots more information and all your questions answered at their website:

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the parent's library

Peak School Library is not only for the students, but for teachers and parents too. We have an extensive collection of parenting books about raising bilingual children, coping with emotional situations, or just how to bring up healthy and happy children. Parents can also open a library account and take out books for their own reading pleasure (Philip Pullman is a fantastic read for any age) or to take home to supplement their children's reading. Come in and visit!


A quick reminder.....

Peak School children are not allowed to borrow new library books until all their books are returned and they can find this really disappointing, particularly when they see other children in their class choosing and borrowing books. Please would you help them to remember to bring their books into school on the following days:

  • Tuesday: Year 4
  • Wednesday: Year 1 and Year 2
  • Thursday: Year 5 and Year 3
  • Friday: Year 6

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