Atlantis Vacation Travel Agency

By:Diego Gomez

Recent Trips

Some of the recent trips we have had are to the Atlantis, we took Kevin Hart and Shaquille O' Neal. Kevin Hart wasn't tall enough to get on any of the water slides and Shaq barely fit in the water tubes. It was enjoyable having fun people on the Yacht. Jokes were being cracked everywhere and they made it one of the most enjoyable trips for the company.

Our Amenities

We set ourselves apart from other typical travel companies. We are the only travel agency that gives an all you can eat buffet after you pay a $30 tax fee on top of your trip. We are also the only agency that takes people to Atlantis. We have full suites fit for a king and her queen. They come stocked with a full fridge and a king sized bed. This is the best quality cruise ship you will take on your way to your vacation hot spot.

Ms. Lutkenhaus

The perfect location for Ms. Lutkenhaus would me Morocco. An exotic country in North Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea with amazing views overlooking the long beaches. We have planned this vacation from the 1 to the 11 of July where the moon is full just like she asked for. She will be able to collect sea shells on the shore and she can study the effects of hurricanes because the water is so warm. There are many beautiful trees like evergreens, oak, pine, and many more. There are also many great hotels close to the beach so she can drive or take a bus to the shore. Ms. Lutkenhaus will certainly enjoy this romantic getaway vacation with her husband.

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Mr. Little

The perfect location for Mr. Little is Chile in South America. He can party all day and night at like the Lorax at the lit clubs surrounding the country and scuba dive in the warm water with all of the marine life in the Pacific Ocean. During the day he can tan his body all he wants because the sun shines all day long during summer in Chile, for all he wants, he could look like burnt toast. There are many great hotels near or right on the beach. He can enjoy this vacation away from his annoying 8th grade 3rd period science class.
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Coach Wilson

Coach Wilson will be enjoying his vacation at Canoa, Ecuador. This city is very close to the equator so it will rain fairly often but not so often so that he cant enjoy the beach. He can sing to Taylor Swift in the pouring rain and he can also enjoy playing sports like volleyball, soccer, and build stunning sand castles on the beaches. He can have fun digging deep holes for him to stand in while the water tickles his toes. Wilson will enjoy this vacation because he has all of his requirements fulfilled in this location,
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Mr. Jones

There is not a perfect bipolar location that we could find, so we tried to make the best of both worlds. We chose the Graham Island in Canada because it gets hot enough to where he can go to the beach and it snows fairly often to where he can take place in the Polar Plunge. He can bust out his metal detector to find some precious metals on the beaches. When it snows, he can make snow angels on the hills. He can even slide down hills if they have enough snow layering on them. We have planned his vacation on the 29 of December, to the 2 of January because that is when there is a waning crescent and the moon will start to go dark. He can enjoy this lovely vacation with his wife from the kids who stayed home with grandma.